Scottburgh offers a perfect lifestyle plus good value

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Scottburgh offers a perfect lifestyle plus good value

Regarded by many as one of the most attractive and popular holiday resorts, it is in fact, one of the oldest towns on the KwaZulu Natal coast.

Scottburgh is a resort town at the mouth of the Mpambanyoni River, 58km south of Durban.

Freeways provide easy access to the Durban CBD and other towns in the vicinity. Because of its sense of community, churches, schools, hospitals and a choice of recreational activities, the town has become a sought-after place to live.

Scottburgh was named after the Lt Governor John Scott, governor of Natal in 1860. It is rumoured that Shaka, King of the Zulus and his regiment stopped for a rest on the banks of a river. He noticed thousands of birds frantically flying around in an effort to build nests. It made him wonder how they could possibly identify their own nests amongst all the commotion. Fascinated, he decided to call the river Mpambanyoni, which means ‘confuser of birds’ in Zulu.

Holiday homeowners and retirees, attracted by the mild climate, the spectacular sea views, grassed banks leading down to the beaches, make Scottburgh their home, as do many workers and employees from the surrounding industrial areas and those employed in the town. Some of course, prefer to the live in a community-based environment and commute to Durban.

Jawitz Properties’ Scottburgh agent Avanti Low says that out of a population of 24 000, 60% of buyers are retirees, 30% own holiday homes and the balance are people who have relocated or work in the area.

“Property sales are slightly down from last year which is to be expected, given the general economic situation in the country. But despite this, demand remains steady and Scottburgh continues to attract buyers. Some homeowners with growing families and needing extra accommodation, are now choosing to renovate rather than buy,” she says.

The suburb of Freeland Park is regarded as an up-market area. Last year a property was sold for R2.6m making it the highest priced home in 2014. In Pennington, Salmon Drive and Cherry Lane are sought-after streets with prices in the R2.5m range.

Good value can be found in the middle to lower end of the market such as Scottburgh, Park Rynie and Pennington where there has been an uptick in activity. The average price for a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a swimming pool in these areas would be around R1.2m.

North of the Mpambanyoni River lies the suburb of Freeland Park, largely residential but also home to the well known beach the Cutty Sark, that caters for fun-filled family holidays. Further south is the Country Club Golf Course. Green Point, Pennington, Kelso, Scottburgh and Rocky Bay beaches bring delight to surfers - always in search of the perfect wave.

Two life-style estates are currently extending their accommodation facilities and in the pipeline, is the building of a much needed private hospital. On the recreation side, residents welcome the construction of a water-park near Pennington.

Prices of rental accommodation have increased steadily over the past year and demand is overtaking supply. At the upper end of the market, a house would fetch R8500 per month for a three bedroom home and R7850 for a townhouse. At the other end, a one to two bedroom would cost around R3500.

“On the whole Scottburgh is well-managed, and owners take pride in their town. It is known as a friendly family environment with tree-lined streets, an enviable quality of life, close to the beach and overlooking the sea. All this adds up to its aesthetic appeal and lifestyle,” says Low.

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