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As the colder winter months edge closer, the RE/MAX Foundation is once again preparing for its annual Coats and Cans initiative which will run from 9 May up until the 24 June 2016.

Members of the public who wish to contribute any blankets, winter woollies and non-perishable food items to the campaign will be able to drop off their donations at their local RE/MAX office.

Adrian Goslett, Director of the RE/MAX Foundation and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says that the campaign has become a fixed feature on the annual calendar because of the amazing impact the initiative has had on communities throughout South Africa. “Each year the public astonishes us with their generous contributions, which all go to helping the underprivileged in their local communities. There are countless numbers of people in this country who live below the breadline, struggling to buy enough food to adequately sustain themselves and their families, let alone purchase the additional warm clothing they need to get through the winter months. As the temperature drops the fight for survival becomes increasingly difficult, as it now includes the need to stay warm. With the help of those within the local community, the RE/MAX Foundation aims to assist as many people in need as possible, making their lives slightly more comfortable during the harsh colder months,” says Goslett.

He notes that due to public support, the campaign has made a significant difference to people’s lives. “While the initiative is run by the RE/MAX Foundation, the success and reach that the campaign has enjoyed over the past few years has been solely attributed to the participation of those in the local communities. The more people who contribute to the cause, the more people we have been able to help. As a company we are a link in a chain and can only do so much within the community. However, when people come together to contribute towards a common goal, big things happen and lives are impacted in a positive way,” says Goslett.

He adds that to ensure that the collected items benefit the local community in which the RE/MAX office is located; each office will nominate a charity or organisation in their area that will receive the goods. “The reasoning behind this concept is that we want the donations that are received from the public to impact their local community and make a difference to the people in that specific area. The thinking is that when one lives and works within a community, they will have some insight into which organisations would benefit the most from the donations,” says Goslett.

The public is urged to once again get involved and visit their local RE/MAX office to donate some much needed items. “A warm meal and winter coat is often taken for granted, but for many it is a luxury that they simply cannot afford. Every donation will have a positive impact on those who receive it,” Goslett concludes.

For more information regarding the RE/MAX Foundation or the Coats and Cans Winter Campaign visit www.remax.co.za/foundation or contact the Foundation manager, Sandy Smith on 021 700 2000.


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