The largest property expo in South Africa, The Virtual Property Show concluded on a high note

The largest property expo in South Africa, The Virtual Property Show concluded on a high note

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Private Property’s the Virtual Property Show (VPS), which is the largest property expo in South Africa concluded on Saturday 3rd October 2020. Held over two days, the show enjoyed great participation from investors, bond originators, property investors, estate agents, and visitors who were looking for property information and advise to further advance their property journey.

The Property Show is held annually in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic and cancellation of physical events, Private Property found an innovative way to still engage with the property audience by creating a virtual expo. The Virtual Property Show was a first in the country, as such expos are usually held at a physical venue. The platform was created to allow key players in the property sector to engage with consumers in an interactive and innovative way.

Over 5000 people registered to attend the show on the first day and by Saturday morning, the registrations were still coming in for Saturday, which was the second day of the show. By the time the show concluded, over 5,000 people participated per day. The show also recorded a total of 4,926 views on the exhibitor booths, which is great for the 22 exhibitors who participated. People who attended were also able to download documents and brochures on the platform, a total of 2352 documents were downloaded over the two days.

Property visitors were able to access the content in the special built platform and, as well as access the content on the Private Property FaceBook and YouTube channel.

“We are astounded at the level of excitement and enthusiasm with which the show was received, most people who visited the virtual show enjoyed the interactive nature of the platform as they were able to ask questions and engage with experts and their answers were responded to immediately”. Remarks Tracey Lee Miller, Brand and Marketing Exucutive for Private Property.

For the most part, the show attracted investors and landlords, followed by first time buyers who constituted 30% of the registrations. There were also tenants and people looking to buy property who attended the show. Exhibitors and sponsors acknowledged the innovation that Private Property put behind VPS.

“My overall experience with the Virtual Property show was amazing, as it was a great platform to connect and meet like-minded property investors across South Africa from the comfort of my home. There was a great mix of attendees; there were attendees there who were starting out and attendees with experience, which made the networking more interesting. Having two stages on a virtual platform was new and exciting. We were afforded the opportunity to connect with other exhibitors and the opportunity to network”, comments Andrew Walker, SA Property Investors Network CEO.

The highlight for some visitors was the informative and inspirational content from the speakers, with some visitors commenting that, “the content was so great on the main stage and the exhibition stands, and one was spoiled for choice”.

The event had different info-tainment segments, which included specific sessions on bond origination, lending, property buying and selling advice, inspections, property development, influencers, motivational speakers, property enthusiasts and estate agents advice.

Zahara gave a stunning perfomance and the audience were thrilled. The show ended with a virtual house party on the Saturday evening.

“It was an opportune moment for Private Property to shift gear and do things virtually. “Interest rates are at their lowest in 50 years, this is the best time to buy and invest in property. The consumers need the right information to make the best decisions, this is the reason Private Property would like to empower you with all the information to make the right decision when it comes to buying and investing in property”. Concludes Carl van der Berg, Business Development Executive at Private Property.

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