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Investors should be aware that the opportunity for companies, close corporations and trusts to transfer property free of transfer dutyto a natural person, under certain circumstances, has been extended to 31 December, 2012.

In terms of this extension, a property must be “disposed of” before this date. Disposal is deemed to have occurred when a contract has been concluded and all the conditions therein have been met. It is, however, not a requirement that the property is registered in the Deeds Office before this date.

This, says Justin Clarke, CEO of, is good news for buyers who have their eye on a property that is held by a company, close corporation or trust. “When the average household is as cash-strapped as most currently are, the opportunity to save on transfer duty – which most often runs to tens of thousands of Rands – presents an opportunity to put down a larger deposit, which in turn can save many thousands over the course of the bond-term.”

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