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Why are Billionaires Buffett and Trump Bullish on USA Real Estate Right Now? When interviewed, Donald Trump said a couple of weeks ago, that NOW is a great time to get into real estate – and he specifically pointed to houses.

Fellow billionaire, Warren Buffett, appeared on CNBC a couple of months ago and essentially said the same thing. In fact, he said if there was an efficient way to do it, he’d like to buy 200,000 single family homes!

You may or may not agree with them at first blush, but when two billionaires (neither of whom are trying to sell you houses) both say the same thing, it’s probably worth taking a closer look, don’t you think?

These are the simple facts of USA property:

  • 40%, 50%, 60% below build replacement cost.

  • 70% below Peak Market Value & 35% across the entire country.

  • Repossessed property being bought below TODAY’s market value.

  • Rental yields from 10% to 45%.

  • Strong rental demand.

  • Partners with a portfolio of over 1100 properties to prove rental demand, yields and vacancies. To be confident in USA you have to make sure the numbers are based on evidence!

  • Setup of a LLC, Bank Account and Income tax number in USA.

  • Find out how you can turn your great investment into a vehicle to help you get a Green Card, passport or residency.

Most importantly if it “Sounds too good to be true” come and understand as Scott Picken, IPS CEO, runs through the risks and everything he scrutinised to understand what is the worst case scenario and how to manage it! IPS has helped over 2000 people invest internationally to an amount of over R1.6 billion and Scott uses his experience to analysis these risks and opportunity.

Join us for our breakfast to find out how to turn the worst economic crisis in history into the investment opportunity of a lifetime!

Cost is R200, to pay for breakfast!

Purely an information event! You won’t be sold anything!


  • 7am for 7:30am start.

  • 9:30am Finish


  • 28th May – Durban

  • 29th May – Pretoria

  • 30th May – JHB

  • 31st May – Cape Town

Click here to book

If you have any questions, please email Kristen at kristen@ipsinvest.com or go to www.ipsinvest.com for more information.

“The greatest risk of all is to risk nothing, by not taking the time to understand, not getting the knowledge and not taking action!”

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