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We have done 5 buyers trips since we decided to invest heavily in the USA in April 2012. We have acquired 251 properties to a value of $25 700 000 with capital returns from 10% to 30% (growth experienced in US$, not counting the Rand devaluation) and net yields in rental income from 8% to 15%. Don't worry, you haven't missed out! The opportunities in America are still excellent, as our world class partners in the USA make it their life passion to uncover the best, economically resilient, investments On the last buyers trip we acquired 171 properties returning an IRR of over 20%!

So why are responsible investors looking global? Well its simple; since our first buyers trip, the rand has devalued by 23% and they are buying solid first world assets (with intrinsic discounts) and creating first world US$-based income streams. What is more worrying for us as South African’s is that according to the Global Wealth Index TM, our wealth in global terms, has devalued at a compound rate of 29,5% every year (straight line is 77% per year) for the last 30 years. That trend is not slowing down. It is accelerating!

Make sure you don't miss out again by registering for the Buyers Trip Webinar on Wed 2nd Oct at 7pm or Thur 3rd of Oct at 11h00 or Thurs 3rd of Oct at 4pm.

Be sure to attend our webinar as everyone who attends will be given our free report on, “How to make sure you have a successful buying trip” and also access to 32 videos we have made on “How to Buy Offshore Property.

PS: 70% of our clients who invest on the buyers trip don't actually fly over with us. Join the webinar and find out how.

This what you we will cover during the webinar:

  • Why invest in the USA?

  • What’s does South Africa’s future look like according to Clem Sunter?

  • How to go about investing in the USA with safety, certainty and tax efficiency?

  • What are the best residential and commercial opportunities in the USA?

  • How to raise finance in the USA regardless of your credit rating.

  • What the USA Buyers' Trip is all about and why the next trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Make sure you don't miss out again, by registering for the buyers' trip webinar:

5 reasons this will be the best trip yet:

  • View the best opportunities in residential and commercial, and see why we are investing in them personally and how you can too.

  • Visit the best performing markets in the USA at the moment. How do we know they’re the best performing markets? We spent over R2.2-million on research trips to the USA over the last two years to know which markets to play in and which markets to avoid.

  • Meet the best-of-breed partners and understand why they are the best in the USA and why we partner with them. From attorneys that protect your interests to accountants that sort out our taxes efficiently, you’ll get to ask every question under the sun directly to the best partners we trust in the USA.

  • Get the right information to make informed decisions. Seeing is believing, as the cliché goes. Seeing for yourself and having the opportunity to vet the information you receive while on the ground in the USA is the most powerful learning experience you can have as a global property investor.

  • Attend Mega Partnering 8. We have 10 VIP tickets to join us and spend the weekend personally with Jack Welch (one of the most respected businessmen in USA), JT Foxx (world’s leading wealth and property coach), George Ross (Donald Trump’s right hand man), John Brauc (leading apartment property specialist in Chicago) and 850 of the leading business and property people and entrepreneurs in USA. Who you choose to network with, do business with, befriend and spend time with will determine who you become and your success levels in every area of life. Success is catching! Spend time with successful people, learn from them, emulate them and their success will rub off on you! We choose to hang out with the best in the world and we’d love you to be one of those people we hang out with!

Make sure you don't miss out again by registering for the buyers trip Webinar

Your financial future depends on the your global wealth. We’re actively creating global wealth for ourselves and our clients in the USA right now and we’d love you to be one of the people creating global wealth with us. Make sure you sign up now to book your seat on the trip!

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