Why the Alberton property market remains popular with buyers and renters

Why the Alberton property market remains popular with buyers and renters

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This well-connected area has a wide range of property that appeals to buyers and renters at all price levels.

The Johannesburg area of Alberton boasts property for all budgets. “It is still an affordable area, with both buying opportunities and reasonable rentals, particularly when compared to the north of the province,” says Stephen Brown, Principal of Jawitz Properties Alberton, servicing the area and parts of Germiston. “Whether you are a modest or big spender, Alberton really does have something for everyone.”

The easy access to highways connecting Alberton to all of Johannesburg, help make the case for living in this fast-growing area, but it is the affordability that attracts a lot of interest. There are also many good government and private schools, and parents are prepared to commute, while easy access to malls and other indoor and outdoor amenities, cater to all resident needs.

While Alberton comprises of many suburbs, some of the more popular or well-known include Meyersdal, New Redruth, Randhart, Albertsdal, Brackenhurst and Brackendowns, to mention a few. There is a mixture of property too, from some older homes - some with small or large houses, some with garden cottages on site to rent - to renovated houses – most on large plots. “Some areas have had municipal permission to knock large homes down and make cluster developments, though these are not massive and end up being about 4 – 8 units. New Redruth is one area where we are seeing this trend, and it is slowly happening elsewhere. In Brackenhurst, for example, the same trend is happening, but to a different extent; more in the region of 3 or 4 units,” adds Brown.

In the rental market, there has been pressure to go up in price from landlords, but tenants know value when they see it, and have consequently put pressure on prices to come down. The bottom end of the market sees rentals in the region of R3.5k upwards for simple cottages, while two-bedroom cottages that are better kitted out can be priced considerably higher.

Brown says that some people – tenants or buyers - end up moving in to two or three-bedroom townhouses or clusters in complexes, when they might have wanted a 3-bedroom home, as they don’t want a standalone property because of security perceptions.

“It really depends on preference and safety considerations, with three-bedrooms, townhouses and clusters as the most popular generally. There are not that many flats in Alberton, but a lot of the larger plots have garden cottages that can be rented out.”

The average price to buy is quite different, depending on the area. Albertsdal’s townhouses can be around R600/700k. In the extension of Albertsdal, there are basic standalone homes for sale too. “These afford the opportunity to get a foothold on the property ladder,” says Brown. Average prices find the less affluent areas of Alberton priced from R950k, with the more affluent areas fetching around R2.5 million plus. “We do also have some gated estates, which are considerably more expensive,” Brown notes. “Nature Estate and Eco Estate in Meyersdal are top property developments. The difference between them is really that in Nature Estate, it is slightly more affordable with a cordoned off space for wildlife to roam, whereas Eco Estate has homes that can be priced in the tens of millions, and the wildlife will help you maintain your own garden, as they are free to roam just outside your door.”

Homeowners can renovate and extend their houses, depending on income or preferences, but Brown warns that Alberton is an area where one can overcapitalise. “It is advisable to carefully consider the area before spending your hard-earned money on these projects, as the wrong decision will make the later resale of the property a long and painful exercise.”

Sellers and landlords need to be cognisant of the price gap. “Buyers are after value and while the market is seeing high rental demand, price sensitivities are solid. On the buying side, there is a fair amount of stock available, but the challenge comes down to price, and sellers don’t always realise or accept what the market will pay,” he concludes.


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