Your next property investment in Gauteng

Your next property investment in Gauteng

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Making your next property investment in Gauteng gets a little easier with our guide to the Gauteng property investment market.

Why you should make your next property investment

The thrill of accomplishment attached to buying your first home cannot be matched. Making a property investment is a smart financial move, because you’re purchasing an asset that you can build on to; use for your own purposes, or rent out as and when you need to. Creating a financial bolthole through a property investment also enables you to generate wealth, and create a financial legacy for your children to enjoy. Property investment is, comparatively, a more robust financial move than plunging your money into the stock market or similarly volatile options. And, of course, your property investment gives you full control over what happens to it: the more attention you pay to your property investment, the more it pays off for you in the long run.

The buy to rent model

Buying a home as a property investment can pay off in big ways, when you adopt a buy to rent model to your investment. Of course, choosing the right property investment for your buy to rent option takes careful consideration: after all, you’ll be entrusting your tenants to ensure that the property remains well-maintained, cared for, and rental amounts are paid over to you timeously. When choosing your property investment, don’t skimp on doing your research, and remember that this is a long-term investment.

The best property investment in Gauteng

To help you in your search for the next property investment you’d like to make, we’ve gathered information on the best property investment suburbs in Gauteng. Matching our statistics with the demand for rental properties in Gauteng, we’ve created a list of our top 7 best property investment suburbs in Gauteng:

The surprise and delight of Soweto

Historically, Soweto is an important part of South Africa’s landscape. This region of Gauteng offers the intrepid property investor, a sweet solution. Having formerly been renowned for its abundance of low-cost housing, Soweto has seen significant development over the past decades, and has become an urban metropolis in its own right. Soweto is home to approximately 40% of Johannesburg’s population, making rental demand in this region high, and enabling keen property investors a multitude of options when it comes to making their perfect property investment. In particular, the demand for property and accommodation in Braamfischerville, Diepkloof, Meadowlands, Dube, and Chiawelo is high.

Magical property investment in Midrand

Making your property investment in Midrand makes the most sense. Marked as a key growth area by Gauteng real estate agents, residents, and developers alike, Midrand offers that magical combination of convenience, accessibility, amenities, and affordable properties. Aptly named, Midrand exists as the central point between Pretoria and Johannesburg, offering residents easy access to wherever they need to be. Home to expansive suburban estates, free-standing houses, and apartment complexes, making your next property investment in Midrand will pay off sooner than you may realise.

Property kicks off in Kempton Park

OR Tambo International Airport is renowned for being Africa’s busiest airport, and it’s located within the busy suburb of Kempton Park. With the Gautrain Rhodesfield Station located within Kempton Park, public transport is a breeze, and the suburb has so much more to offer to the eager property investor. Demand for rental properties across Kempton Park is growing, with large-scale residential and commercial developments are cropping up at an exponential pace. Buying a property in Kempton Park might leave you little puzzled on signing that offer to purchase, however, as the property prices fall well within the affordable range.

The attraction of Edenvale

A popular option for first time home buyers, the demand for property in Edenvale continues to grow. Edenvale and its surrounding suburbs attracts a mix of high to middle-income property buyers, and offers great value for money, no matter how much cash you have in your back pocket. The greater eastern region of Johannesburg is home to some of the country’s top private schools too, making it an attractive option for growing families too. Making your property investment in Edenvale is made easier, knowing that the range of properties for sale, and properties to rent in Edenvale, is vast and varied.

A special mention for Greenstone Hill

Significantly, Edenvale’s Greenstone Hill remains a high-return property investment option for Gauteng property investors. Greenstone Hill should be one of your top choices, especially if you’re looking to make your next property investment into the sectional title space, or scoop up a sweet spot within a suburban estate.

Beautiful investment opportunities in Brakpan

Another Johannesburg East suburb that’s attracting the attention of renters and keen property investors, Brakpan could be your next great property investment. A relatively humble suburb of the greater Johannesburg area, Brakpan is relatively laidback, and is well-known for its friendly, involved community. As a family-friendly suburb, Brakpan is located close to a wide range of entertainment options, including Carnival City. Brakpan is a no-regrets property investment to make.

The sweet spot of Centurion

Creating a cosmopolitan mix of business and residential facilities, Centurion has become a sweet spot for the Gauteng property investor. Located between Midrand and Pretoria, Centurion is a suburb many people clamour to live within, as its renowned for its excellent security, quiet suburban lifestyle, and excellent access to transport amenities. Centurion is home to a number of golf estates, giving the area the suitably recognised appeal of secure living, and offering a more laid back lifestyle than the often-busy central suburbs.

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Explore neighbourhoods mentioned in this article

Centurion East
From countryside to city in minutes
This suburb has become a ‘lifestyle of choice’ for many who don’t want to live in Johannesburg or Pretoria, yet need easy access to both. There are many lifestyle estates in the area which offer residents a good selection of safe, high quality property options. These gated villages have attracted a cosmopolitan community and Centurion functions as something of a mini city of its own. Although it retains a country-feel, residents can be on one of the major roadways to the big cities within minutes.
Kempton Park
Convenience is key
Convenience is key for those who choose to live in Kempton Park. The close proximity to O.R Tambo International Airport and the many business parks mean that residents spend less time fighting traffic and more time doing what they love. The lifestyle in the area is fast-paced and there is lots to do for all age groups.
A vibrant , colourful community
Soweto is a lot bigger than one would envision from a map, and also offers a lot more than meets the eye. The general atmosphere is very welcoming and people are very neighbourly, with a strong sense of community. Soweto has come a long way in the last 20 years, with the improved and expanded public transport infrastructure and better roads. There has been an increase and improvement on amenities like the Baragwanath hospital. The education systems have been expanded - such as the new University of Johannesburg Soweto campus. Property values have greatly increased, resulting in the area having great investment potential.