4Ever Clever Kids – Learning With Calmness and Embraced by Nature

4Ever Clever Kids – Learning With Calmness and Embraced by Nature

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Claire Fraser

4Ever Clever Kids is located on a large, leafy campus that has the convenience of being a few kilometres down the road from the city. The atmosphere gives children the feeling of being in the bush, and boasts a unique, calming ambience.

4Ever Clever Kids is a Christian-based school and, as such, children are taught understanding and respect for one another as individuals. This means that children learn and grow in an atmosphere that is a home away from home for little ones. The country setting gives children the opportunity to develop in a natural environment.

There are a number of on-going projects at 4Ever Clever Kids, consistently focusing on the child as an individual. Amongst these is the school’s one hundred percent commitment to the theme of Recycling for a Greener Future for All. The school is looking at incorporating some social responsibility initiatives including a partnership with disadvantaged children’s groups to teach children to swim. There are also aftercare facilities available for hardworking parents.

The activities offered within the 4Ever Clever Kids cater for a broad range of interests. Music classes offer multiple developmental benefits to children; rugby enhances natural skills; ballet is good for posture and allows little dancers to flourish. Swimming is offered on the property with an internationally-qualified teacher, concentrating on small classes and giving individual attention to all. The campus provides the perfect setting for horse riding, and these sensitive animals have a special ability to calm a child and bring character to the fore. Baby yoga is all about breathing, learning to control emotions and focus, as well as developing the ability to channel energy in a positive way. The Mahala monthly lessons offer children a free taste of the swimming, horse riding and baby yoga classes and, where natural love arises, parents are encouraged to enrol them.

These activities help every learner to develop in their own way. Teachers observe confidence growing, and are able to clearly see where strengths lie, allowing them to meet their true potential in all key areas.

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