5 Effective Home Renovation Tips Before a Holiday

5 Effective Home Renovation Tips Before a Holiday

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Holidays have to be the highlight of seasons during the whole year for most families in the world. Although it is time for celebrations, keep in mind that it places a financial strain on many people. There are several presents to be purchased for the family members apart from the various home renovations that have to be completed before the relatives come and visit the house. The festival can turn out to be pretty hectic for people that are not prepared for the event. Let's check out some ways to avoid the financial crisis while getting the home renovation done for whatever holiday is coming up.

1. Add fencing to improve the curb appeal

You may provide a new look to the home exteriors by changing your fencing. What you need to decide is the longevity of the fencing material and the appearance you desire to have for the new fencing. If you decide to use timber fencing you will get an excellent natural appearance. However, if it is not done properly it will lead to disappointing results. The vinyl fences can last for a long time such as ten years without even fading. However, you need to put up with the limited choice of colors available in the material.

2. Use lighting for the garden

You can provide a mystical aura to the garden by spicing up its appearance by using fairy lights. You can also think of using a built light projector. This is not only very effective but is an affordable option for using outdoor lights. The usual outdoor lighting can also consume a great deal of electricity. You can use drape settings along with the fairy lights and hang them on the fencing. You may also think about placing them on top of the roof. The lights will dangle in this case and look beautiful from outside the home. If you need more help with this, ask your creative friends for more ideas. They can add pictures on a file, convert to PDF and share it with you.

3. Upgrade the flooring to improve the living room

You can think of using timber flooring for your living room as timber is easy to clean and cheap. However, while remodeling your home, especially the living room spaces, you need to keep in mind the wear and tear involved during the use of flooring due to several people visiting your house for the holidays. Considering everything it may be a good idea to opt for timber as it looks good, is simple to clean, and is affordable. There are also online websites that give a variety of flooring options. Just make sure you use the right VPN so you have a safe and secure internet connection. Learn more about VPNs to see which one would help you the most.

4. Get your bathroom ready for a large number of visits

Every home renovation expert will tell you about the importance of keeping your bathroom in good shape for a holiday. You will need to get many toiletries such as tissue paper that will be in great demand during the holiday period. If you’ll be having family members sleeping over, of course, they will be taking showers, so to make this time much more water-efficient, a shower replacement will have your shower new and ready for the many visitors. You can also use a laundry basket for the purpose and maintain it in the corner of the bathroom. To dispose of the many towels that will be used at such a time, you may gather several pieces of timber and create shelves in the bathroom for maintaining a stack of clean towels. Alternatively, you can consider getting some ready-to-assemble cabinets that you can use to store towels and other items in the bathroom for a more organized look. If you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom altogether, the best way to do it is by partnering with a professional.

5. Use square garden beds for the yard

Initially, it might appear that landscaping will cost a lot of money. But, keep in mind that there are many affordable ways of using the various landscaping techniques to get remarkable results. Rather than using the soil and different plants for filling up the big garden beds, you need to reduce the size of the garden and use square garden beds. More importantly, it is important to get timber for the garden boxes because it is affordable and allows you to spend less on the whole project. You can use the saved money to buy plants or spend the money on other aspects of home renovation.

Note: If you don’t have a garden, no need to worry because there is always a solution. You can make use of LED grow lights that mimic sunlight and allow you to grow plants inside.


When holidays approach quickly the spirit of the vacation may start to catch up with many people already. Providing your friends and near family a new look for your house when they come and visit your place for the festivity is one of the better ways of making the time you spent together worth it. If you make these additions to your home for the holiday season you are pretty much guaranteed that the home renovation plan does not go wrong. You can provide a makeover to the exterior of the house as well to make sure that it reflects your personality at the time of the festive season.

Writer : Joseph Canmore


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