5 years time, where will property and business be?

5 years time, where will property and business be?

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Scott Picken

Dear Wealth Creator

Property and business is all about creating wealth. Tony Robbins says that success in business, and property is a business, is 80% psychology and 20% implementation. To be successful you need to model the best globally, you need to know what they are doing, implement it and then you will get the same results. You also need to be able to recognise patterns, so that you can gauge world events and make educated and informed decisions for your future.

For this reason, I will be joining Roger James Hamilton, Global Thought Leader and creator of Wealth Dynamics, in presenting with other Thought Leaders to discuss a few critical steps that could determine whether your business or the business you are creating, will succeed or fail in the near future, and that includes your property business?

I truly believe that one of the greatest trends worldwide is Glocalisation‘thinking globally, acting locally’. This workshop provides you with the opportunity to learn from the best globally and not something I would recommend missing if you want to be part of the future.

I look forward to you joining me there and please find the details below about the full day workshop event, especially the piece in bold. Click here to secure your tickets now

I will be one of the guests on stage that Roger will be interviewing as part of the Changemakers forum. Being part of the Changemakers forum also makes it possible for me to make a special offer to my network – I have negotiated a special deal!

In other words you will get:

  • 2 x tickets for the full day event,

  • 2 x Wealth Dynamics Profiles,

  • 2 x Wealth Spectrum profiles

  • for only R497

  • (or R1 697 if you choose the VIP tickets – only 10 still available)

  • Amazing value

Fast Forward Your Business Events:

  • Johannesburg, Grayston Drive Southern Sun, Sandton, 12 September 2011

  • Cape Town, Seapoint Ritz Hotel, 15 September 2011

Bonus Value over R2000 includes:-

  • 2 x FREE Wealth Dynamics Profile – value R725,

  • 2 x FREE Wealth Dynamics Spectrum Profile – value R280

  • plus the a FREE copy of Your Life Your Legacy e-book – value R75

  • Click here to secure you tickets now

Limited amount of VIP Tickets at R1697 – including all the above PLUS VIP registration and “front row” seating for the event as well as a Cocktail Lunch with Roger James Hamilton- number of VIP ticket available are LIMITED

Click here to secure your tickets now

The Fast Forward program does that ... and more.

What will our economy, technologies and customer’s habits look like in the next 5 years. They are changing rapidly and you need to be ready to profit from these and global changes taking place?

In the coming years, your customers will:

  • buy differently,

  • pay differently,

  • be served differently and

  • have entirely different expectations on what they want and how they want it.

And you'll learn about what this means to your business or the business you work in, that almost no-one else knows about right now!

Find out how, if you don't start taking action, your competitors will accelerate their businesses ahead by building their teams and harnessing resources differently, promote and partner differently and transform the way they make money.

Click here to secure your tickets now

During this event you will learn:

  • How to take charge of your business and financial destiny.

  • The Top 10 trends are that will make or break your business in the next 5 years.

  • Discover where you are today and the specific steps YOU need to take to profit from the changes taking place - accelerate your business income and wealth.

  • How Million and Billion Dollar companies use and create teams to propel their business and wealth (and why you never have to go at it alone again).

  • Understand the cycles and patterns of business, property, the share market and your life no matter what industry, location or position you are in.

  • How the wealthy solve the exact same problems you may be hitting your head against every day…effectively and instantly…and how you too can focus on the most important tasks that will lead

So What’s Stopping You From Achieving REAL ‘Business Success’, and Enjoying a HEALTHY 6 or 7 Figure Income?

Click here to secure your tickets now

To helping you create wealth through property and business.


Scott Picken



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