6 tips to get your home sold faster at the price you want

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We share 6 tips to get your home sold faster at the price you want

Selling your property quickly in a down-turned economy is likely to be one of the most challenging exercises you’ll undertake. Here's how to sell a house fast

Day after day, you hope to find the perfect buyer who will come along and make you the right offer on your home. You may even find that offers on your property are not in short supply, but finding buyers who actually qualify for the mortgage finance is an entirely different story.

But enough of the doom and gloom! As stressful as it may be, buying and selling a home should also be an exciting time too – after all, it represents an entirely new chapter in your life. And even if the economy is looking a little pallid, there are ways to speed up the sale of your home and get that fair market-related price you’re asking for without having to sacrifice your profit or sanity.

Before you pop up that “for sale” sign, you may find these tips from Hollard invaluable to get your house in front of qualified buyers, sold faster and for your asking price:

Tip #1: Get the pricing right.

Getting your list price right is critical. A professional real estate agent will prove invaluable in helping you assess the value of your property in relation to other similar property sales in the area. If you choose to sell your property privately, you can sell your home fast by thoroughly researching property sales in the area and, if necessary, get a professional valuator to assist you. Priced too low, you lose out financially. Priced too high, you won’t get the offers you need and your property becomes stale on the market because prospects and agents may assume that there is a serious problem with it.

Tip #2: First impressions matter

This well told adage stands as much today as it did when your mum told you: ”Always put your best foot forward at school.” Your home is no different. Consider what a prospective buyer will experience the first time they drive up to your home and walk through the front door. Take a good look around your home – is it clean, neat and tidy? Is the garden well-tended and inviting? Does it look cared for? Does it smell fresh and pleasant? Attention to detail and cleanliness draws people in and holds their interest for longer, and they will be more prepared to spend the time examining your home and visualising themselves in it. Very few prospective buyers look at houses that need loads of work to make them liveable.

Tip #3: Tend to the repairs

While we’re not recommending you go on a major revamp of your home if you plan on selling it, tending to repairs and maintenance can make the world of difference. Fix that leaking tap, replace the cracked windows, paint the weathered doors and fix the faulty light fittings. Don’t ignore necessary repairs that could be a red flag to a potential buyer. If they are interested, buyers will instantly look at ways of negotiating down on your price because of the perceived cost of the obvious repairs.

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Tip#4: Sell with the promise of peace of mind

Many a seller has felt the pressure of the defects disclosure list and hoped that they have remembered everything. In some cases you may know there is a problem, but have never really fully investigated it. One of the best ways to protect yourself and the buyer against the financial implications of serious defects, and in turn make your house instantly more attractive to qualified buyers, is a Hollard Home Warranty. It couples a professional property inspection to an insurance policy that protects the buyer and seller against the financial and legal ramifications of any defects that may emerge in the property for two years after taking transfer.
A Hollard Home Warranty can mean a faster sale because any issues of mistrust between buyer and seller are removed. It can also mean getting a higher price for your property as you’re less likely to be negotiated down – buyers place significant value on peace of mind. You will get a professional report of any excluded or minor repairs that need attention on your property, and what the cost is to do so, so you can choose to do the repairs beforehand and ensure maximum sale price for your property. If you choose to sell as is, you won’t end up overcompensating by bringing your price down further than what the cost of the repairs would actually be. Most importantly, a house sold with a Hollard Home Warranty differentiates yours from the rest - buyers are more likely to consider your home first.

Tip #5: De-clutter Your Home

Don’t take it personally, but granny’s radioactive green crochet blanket, the fluffy toys on the mantle and the stuffed wildebeest head hanging over the dining room table, whilst very sentimental to you, may not be everyone’s cup of tea. De-clutter your home as much as possible and pack away all the personal items such as photographs, memorabilia, pet beds, stuffed animals, skins and so on. Ideally you want to create a clean, blank canvas that potential buyers can visualise their own lives and likes in.

Tip #6: Take great photographs

You know the story – a picture speaks a thousand words. Once you have cleaned up, de-cluttered and done all the required repairs, get professional photographs done. More and more people shop online for homes these days, so you can make your property listing really appealing with professional photographs. Consider getting a photographer to do the job in the best possible light conditions that add atmosphere, appeal and charm to your home.

Property Sold!

Follow these handy tips, and no matter the market conditions, you’ll give your property sale a serious up on the thousands of other competing properties on the market. When it comes to selling your property, peace of mind is an invalauble tool. And it’s as easy as cleaning, decluttering, repairing and getting a Hollard Home Warranty in place for a ‘for sale’ sign that shouts ‘trust me’.

In conclusion: How to sell a house fast

  1. Set a realistic price with the help of a property expert
  2. Ensure your home is neat, tidy and well maintained
  3. Invest in a home insurance policy
  4. Take high quality photographs that highlight your home’s best features

To find out more about Hollard’s Home Warranty or get a quote, click here

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