Arranging your move

Arranging your move

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Tips for deciding when and how to move, and how to choose a removal company.

Decide When You Will Move

  • Keep in contact with the seller to make sure that the agreed upon date of occupation will be respected by both parties.

  • If you use a removal company, make sure they are available to move you on that date.

Decide How You Will Move

Deciding how you will move will be influenced by:

  • Cost - Weigh up the cost of using a removal company, with the cost of using your own fuel (up and down several times), your time and your energy.

  • Distance - It can be a daunting task, moving your home from Cape Town to Nelspruit with your motorcar, your Dad's bakkie and Uncle Bob's trailer.

  • Time - No one needs a long drawn out move.

  • Timing - You must make sure, whatever you decide, that the timing is right concerning all other parties, i.e. the seller, the buyer of your current home and so on.

  • Volume - The volume and size of your belongings play an important role in deciding whether you use a removal company or borrow Uncle Bob's trailer.

Choosing a Removal Company

  • Speak to friends and colleagues about their moving experiences. Cheaper is not always better, although a good reputation goes far.

  • Shop around.

  • Make an inventory list before you start shopping around.

  • Ask the following questions of the removal company:

o What makes your company stand out from the rest?

o How many trucks do you have?

o How big are your trucks?

o How many movers are appointed to each move?

o What measures are taken to protect my furniture and appliances from being damaged?

o Does your price include boxes and packaging?

o Does your price include insurance?

o If so, what does the insurance cover?

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