Building Your Property Team

Building Your Property Team

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For a successful property journey, you need a strong team to back you every step of the way. Like the Springboks at the Rugby World Cup, being stronger together means bringing everyone on board – including coaches, medical support staff, other team members and supporters, both at each game and watching at home.

Your property journey is no different. For buyers, it’s about more than just finding a property you like on Private Property and putting in an offer to purchase. For sellers, it is more than merely appointing the first estate agent whose board stands out in your neighbourhood.

You need a support team that could include:

  • A reputable estate agent: one who understands your needs and is knowledgeable about the market.

  • A bond originator, who will approach the relevant lenders on your behalf and find the mortgage loan that meets all your requirements.

  • A bank that will tailor your home loan to suit your needs. This includes providing information about access bonds and all the other options the bank has to offer.

  • Insurance providers that will meet your home and household contents insurance requirements.

  • A conveyancer: This is an attorney who specialises in transferring fixed property from the sellers to the new owners. A good conveyancer will also be able to provide advice and information on a host of legal topics concerning property ownership.

  • A home inspection professional who can give you a detailed report on the condition of your property. He will also be able to recommend which repairs need to be carried out to ensure your property is ready for sale.

A team of professional contractors, such as electricians, plumbers and tilers, who can be relied on to carry out any necessary repairs quickly and efficiently. You will also need certified electricians, plumbers and gas installation professionals to provide the necessary certificates of compliance that are required before transfer can take place.

Like the Boks, you need all the members of your back-up team all the time – whether you are a seasoned property investor or are venturing into property for the first time.

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