Constantia Nursery School – Learn Through Play

Constantia Nursery School – Learn Through Play

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The location of Constantia Nursery School is within the radius of various feeder schools, including Constantia Kloof Primary School, which is within walking distance. The school has facilities that cater for all age groups, boasting both well-equipped indoor areas and large playgrounds outside for children to enjoy.

Constantia Nursery School operates around an ethos promoting a real sense of community in an environment where all school members can learn and grow in a safe and respected school environment. This is paramount in obtaining a successful learning atmosphere. The dedicated and educated staff are on-hand to ensure the safety and well-being of all children in their care. It is within this philosophy that high standards and expectations are balanced by praise and encouragement in practice – a positive and consistent working environment.

The staff at the school are dedicated to building good relationships, and this extends to all individuals and groups within the school. The relationships that are vigorously promoted are based on the School Values and on the “Rights and Responsibilities” for pupils. This helps to entrench self-control and personal responsibility in students from grassroots level. In addition to this, staff help pupils to develop key emotional characteristics such as resilience, perseverance, optimism and self-worth; all of which will be highly beneficial throughout their futures. Teachers carry the responsibility to act as role models of high standards, as well as developers of values and aspirations in all of the young people they work with. These factors are all elemental in making Constantia Nursery School a wholly effective school, with a reputation for excellence.

The school programme is informal, but highly constructive, with children learning through play by handling the notably wide range of educational equipment. Extra educational programmes are arranged on the property via outside instructors for added enrichment to the curriculum. School fees are all-inclusive, and make provision for children to receive a healthy and well-balanced daily meal, consisting of a cooked lunch with a protein, starch and vegetables. Sandwiches and juice are also given twice daily.

Apart from academics, Constantia Nursery School focuses mainly on art, dancing and music. These are incorporated into the school programme together with movement (physical education). The specialist department within the school is the Grade R section, which has been run by their principal for almost thirty years. Therefore, the experience within the section ensures that Grade R is fully-developed before embarking on their primary school years. The Grade R programme is highly-specialised, developing children using equipment and different media (art, music, games, etc.) to aid in their education.

The baby section is also a specialist department at the school, and follows a special programme to develop babies and toddlers. Each of these areas has equipment to cater to the specific age groups, and maximise potential and development, and teacher to pupil ratios are maintained to ensure classes are never too large; especially amongst the younger age groups.

Constantia Nursery School also provides swimming, baking, Brainy Blocks, pottery, Jolly Phonics, Monkeynastix, Bee Sharp Beatles music and Stimulus Maksima Computers to complement the school curriculum as extra-curricular activities.

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