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The diminutive suburb of Dalecross in Sandton has become something of a self-contained node in recent years thanks to stringent security protocols implemented by an active residents association.

Situated alongside Parkmore, Dalecross consists of just 63 generously proportioned, upmarket, freehold properties which have been boomed off. The suburb can only be accessed via Marie Avenue and Lillian Avenue, both of which feature security check points manned by fulltime security guards.

The security measures were implemented and are managed by the Dalecross Residents Association. According to Diana Dickerson of Remax Central who specialises in the area and surrounds, Dalecross’s security protocols have contributed to a significant drop in crime within the suburb, which in turn has done much to enhance its popularity and property values.

The latest Lightstone report on the area lends credence to Dickerson’s theory. According to the report, Dalecross properties were selling for R2, 8 million in 2008. In 2009, no sales occurred. In 2010, eight properties sold in Dalecross at an average price of R3, 5 million. In 2011, a repeat of 2009’s scenario occurred.

Dickerson says that averages aside, a number of properties in Dalecross could easily fetch as much as R6 million today. She attributes the lack of movement in 2009 and 2011 to a number of factors including the fact that Dalecross is a small suburb by nature; therefore only so much activity can occur.

She adds that many properties are occupied by owners who have school-going children; thus they are unlikely to uproot until their children leave the nest. Other owners meanwhile are merely waiting for the property market to improve once more, safe in the knowledge that their properties are sought after and will fetch a premium when the time is right.

In addition to its good security rating, there are a number of other ‘plus points’ working in Dalecross’s favour. One such point is the fact that Dalecross lies within close proximity of a number of quality crèches and schools including Montrose Pre-Primary and Primary School, the French School, Crawford Pre-Primary School, Prep and College.

Convenience is another key Dalecross draw card. Residents can reach Sandton’s CBD within five minutes and the N1 highway is easily accessible which greatly facilitates daily work commutes. Shopping-wise, residents are spoilt for choice. The newly revamped Benmore Gardens lies a stone’s throw away and a bevy of local shops and restaurants are located on 11th Street and at Parkmore Mews. The ever popular Sandton City also recently underwent an overhaul and now offers a Dubai-like shopping experience.

In terms of sports amenities, residents often make use of the nearby George Lea Park located along Sandton Drive which plays host to the Sandton Sports Club. In addition to a sports pub, the club features cricket, football, volleyball and in-door swimming facilities. The nearby Field and Study Park is also a popular venue for picnics and walks. Medically, Dalecross is also well catered thanks to Sandton Clinic, Morningside Clinic and a variety of local medical practices which lie within close reach.

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