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Deciding to move from your sizable and comfortable home in suburban areas like Fresnaye or Constantia, to an apartment block within the city bowl, or even the Atlantic Seaboard, can be a difficult decision.

It could be especially difficult, as one tends to picture such apartments, as small, not big enough to swing-a-cat-like establishments.

“My wife wanted to move closer to the sea after our son had moved out. We had lived in our home in Higgovale for over 20 years and one of our biggest concerns was that we would need to leave behind the comfort we were use to,” says Marco van Embden, Director of Prime Point Properties and Co-Founder of Blok.

However, downsizing no longer means downgrading. Deciding to move to the CBD or Atlantic Seaboard has become more ideal for those whose children have left home -often referred to as “empty nesters”. Developers are now designing and building apartment blocks that allow them the opportunity to not only experience luxury but at the same time benefit from the convenience that the city has to offer.

Though, sharing with other owners has both its advantages and disadvantages. “It is very different, like chalk and cheese. On the one hand, you need to get on with your neighbours, who are hopefully like-minded. On the other hand, responsibilities and costs are shared and security is most definitely the biggest advantage,” says Ronnie Stein, CFO of The Foschini Group Limited.

Besides the safety and low maintenance aspect of living in such a development, many find that they enjoy the added bonus of being more connected to their neighbourhoods.

“A big plus when we moved in over 10 years ago was the short walk to seven different coffee shops and restaurants. Not to mention the Beachfront Promenade on our doorstep,” adds van Embden.

Stein adds, “The Atlantic Seaboard has a great vibe, very cosmopolitan, lots of coffee shops, and every thing is so close. I can't imagine why we did not make the move sooner. Also, if you are living in Cape Town, it's so important to be close to the sea, particularly if you have a sea view. It's like being on holiday every day.”

Even though living in an apartment block can seem daunting, as one is use to your own space and don’t always need to bump into neighbours, those who have moved into the CBD don’t find it a bother.

Van Embden confirms, “Our privacy is well protected, we have not felt as though our privacy has been invaded in any way in the 10 years we have lived in our apartment. In fact, my wife and I call it our "tower", and we love spending time at home.”

So, if you were holding back from moving to the city because giving up the comforts you were use to seemed unimaginable – instead, picture your future home with the added benefits of what the city has to offer.

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