Durban High School – First in Durban, Still in Front

Durban High School – First in Durban, Still in Front

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Claire Fraser

Located in a prime position, only a short walk from Musgrave Centre, Durban High School offers top education in a top suburb.

As Durban’s oldest school, DHS upholds a strong legacy of excellence in all spheres. In realising its mission to develop well-rounded young men, DHS recognises the importance of balance in the school lives of all of its boys. As such, a broad spectrum of core values is imparted to the boys during the course of their undertakings within the school. This provides a foundation upon which the school can operate; to safeguard that boys maximise all opportunities presented during their school years. At DHS, all boys are on a concentrated course to becoming young men, and the school is decisive in ensuring that they are motivated, responsible, conscious and proficient men upon leaving.

DHS creates a diverse environment for all learners in its endeavour to provide premium education for a real South Africa. Academics are at the core of the school. It is its aim to draw the best from its boys; to motivate them to channel their talents to achieve at their optimum. Premium academic instruction is offered by teachers who are dedicated to their subjects in top-class facilities, which are frequently adapted to meet modern standards. It is here that boys explore their subjects fully. They are offered advice through a number of means including career guidance, counselling and the creation of an environment where they can effectively set and reach their goals. Strengths and weaknesses are identified and addressed to guarantee all-round success. The learning experience of the boys is enhanced by the Media Centre – one of the best in the province – where boys are given innumerable resources to complement their studies.

The academic model is overwhelmingly successful, with DHS persistently appearing in the top boys’ schools for its Matric results; many boys achieving distinctions and university exemptions. Having outstanding academic results across the curriculum, the Maths, Commercial, Humanities and Arts departments produce some of the best in the province each year.

There is a rich cultural life on offer at DHS. This is overseen by a committee, and participation is encouraged for the undeniable impact this has on the character of the boys. Fundamental in the development of aptitude, expression and self confidence, there are a number of activities on offer to capture the attention of any talent and interest. Leadership is a keen focus of the school and boys are given a number of opportunities to explore this element during their time at DHS. A further important part of the values-based education at the school is through their social responsibility efforts, and DHS assists a number of worthy causes that makes a profound impact on all involved. For those who participate in Dramatic Arts, the school has built the Seabrooke’s Theatre, which has all of the facilities to put on high level productions and give boys valuable experience on the workings of such shows.

The sporting calendar at DHS complements the cultural extra-curricular schedule. Sports are hugely popular at the school, and DHS excels in all areas of play. The high calibre of coaches, together with superior facilities, has seen vast sporting success both currently and in the past. Along with sport skills comes an inevitable adoption of good sporting values, and DHS boys do the school proud in tours locally and abroad. Many DHS boys go on to pursue careers in sport, and the school has seen the highest number of South African cricketers to date. DHS is also one of the best Aquatics Schools in the country, as well as the South African number one basketball team. The school offers floodlit sports fields, an Olympic size swimming pool, indoor cricket academy and a High Performance Sport Centre with a full-time bio-kineticist.

Attending DHS becomes an inherent part of all its young men. As such, the school has an active Old Boys’ Society that gives its alumni a chance to re-connect and remain involved in the school no matter where they are. This body is sated with an enormous list of public names. These are men who have gone on to make a positive and resounding impact on their respective industries; including Nobel laureates, poets and stage stars, national sportsmen and illustrious professionals.


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