Elkanah House – Carpe Diem

Elkanah House – Carpe Diem

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Claire Fraser

Elkanah House in Blouberg, Cape Town, is a Christian school aimed at creating an environment conducive to the highest level of learning.

Spanning four campuses, encompassing two preparatory schools, one senior primary and a high school, Elkanah House creates a “home away from home” environment where personal achievement and a family atmosphere are key to the success of every learner. The students are endowed with the ability to face challenges and are given skills that allow them to approach their futures with confidence and proficiency.

Giving learners a thorough grounding for their future academic pursuits is the Pre-primary school. Learners are encouraged to learn through play in the beautiful garden setting. At this and all other following levels, dedicated teachers address the needs of every learner in child-centred classes that assist in their development across multiple facets of their lives. The outcomes of their endeavours results in self-confident members of the community, who engage in all of their pursuits with ambition, passion and respect for those around them.

The high level of education is supplemented and enhanced by a sporting and cultural calendar that aids in learners’ holistic development. These activities are intrinsic within the school, and learners are encouraged to participate in arts and culture in one of the many forms on offer. The wide variety in terms of cultural and physical education studies means that every individual is given ample choice to find their preference and complement their talents.

The extra-mural activities at Elkanah House are in addition to a strong emphasis on leadership within the school structure, whereby learners become active members of the school and community. Outreach also performs a pivotal role in a school with a strong foundation of Christian values. Under the title of Planned Acts of Kindness, Elkanah House runs a number of social responsibility projects geared at helping those less fortunate and other worthwhile causes – a mutually beneficial facility within the school for character-building, problem-solving and awareness inherent in the programmes. This also encompasses environmental awareness and conservation initiatives.


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