Felixton College – Your School of Choice in Zululand

Felixton College – Your School of Choice in Zululand

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Claire Fraser

Felixton College is set in the picturesque village of Felixton, 8km south of Empangeni. The village is secure within an electric fence and control booms, and is surrounded by sugar cane as far as the eye can see.

Balance is a primary focus at Felixton College, and the school has created the ideal environment for learners to receive a comprehensive academic, cultural and sporting education. The school’s aim is to produce fine young men and women who stand out for their competence and likeability, both in the workplace and in society. The school has a Christian ethos, which endows learners with empathy, generosity, conscience and kindness. This has a practical effect through the school’s social responsibility projects. The staff and learners engage in these initiatives - extending from community upliftment to environmental conservation efforts through the identification of worthy projects, drives, fundraising and hands-on involvement.

Felixton College has established itself as one of the top academic facilities in the province. Ranked first in Kwa-Zulu Natal for the IEB Matric results in 2010, including a higher percentage of top achievers and 64 distinctions (more than half of the writing candidates for the year), the results are evidence of the premium academic standards at the school. Learners are encouraged to participate in Olympiads and Expos in order to test their abilities in a schools arena, and Felixton College students have done the school proud in this regard.

The relatively new Dramatic Arts department at the College has very quickly become a specialist department within the school. Headed by a Felixton past pupil and subsequent Rhodes graduate, Nick Wilcox has notable teaching experience abroad and has facilitated productions that have challenged, stimulated and instilled learners with excellent experience. Felixton College is well-known for its ability on stage, and has put on a number of dance and dramatic shows. The school’s aspiring singers have received national and international recognition, and seven choristers currently represent the prestigious KZN Youth Choir.

In addition to the rich cultural calendar at the school, Felixton College offers a range of sports to learners. Some rather unconventional sports are offered as extra-curricular activities – including sailing and a mashy golf course at the College. The school boasts a number of provincial representatives in cricket and hockey, and learners are encouraged to participate and perform at their best in all disciplines.


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