Funny to Live In - Gareth Woods

Funny to Live In - Gareth Woods

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Gareth was born in Klerksdorp in the 80’s and could be considered something of a nomad, moving around until he completed his BSC Honours in Biotechnology and Legal Theory. A winner in the 5FM Comedy Talent Search, Gareth has opened shows for the likes of Trevor Noah and is a regular on the Durban circuit. We caught up with Gareth and chatted about his current hometown, the places he’d most like to live and the ups and down of being in walking distance of everything.

What city and suburb do you call home?

I’ve lived in many different places from small towns in the Free State, to my school years in Port Elizabeth and studies in Grahamstown, but at present “the heart is” in Morningside, Durban.

How long have you lived there?

5 years.

Tell us about your neighbours.

I live in a complex, a superior complex to make up for all my inferiority complexes. I’ve never met my neighbours but they never seem to leave their flat and every time I walk past, I try sneak a peek inside. All I’ve managed to see is about a 100 different and mismatched couches and armchairs. I think they may be collectors or they have an uncle in the furniture business.

Did they take you seriously when you first told them that you are a stand-up comedian?

I’ve never spoken to them, but I doubt they would consider that a viable career option. They don’t seem to consider standing a viable use of time considering all the chairs they have.

Would you like your children to grow up in Morningside?

Well, as long as I’m still living there, yes. Otherwise it would be a bit awkward leaving them there to fend for themselves if I ever left.

What do you enjoy most about your suburb?

The centrality to everything. It really is within walking distance to everything. I don’t ever walk, but it’s nice to know that if I ever wanted to I could.

Is there anything you don’t enjoy about it?

Too many people walking around. No I’m kidding, there’s nothing I don’t really enjoy about it.

If you could own property anywhere in South Africa where would you buy and why?

As kids we used to often go to St. Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape for vacations and I always had an amazing time there, so I would definitely love to buy property there one day.

If we could arrange for an Extreme Home Makeover of your property, what would you like changed?

I think the kitchen. We have a “functional” kitchen but would love to kit it out with all the bells and whistles and give it a bit more space. Either that or those cool automatic doors from Star Trek.

If you are looking to catch a comedy show in the Durban area, visit


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