Give your agent the right information

Give your agent the right information

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Adrian Goslett

The more information you are willing to give to your agent, the quicker you’ll find the house of your dreams, at a price you can really afford, says Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

Everybody wants a bargain and for this reason, many people are often unwilling to tell agents exactly how much they can afford to spend on a property. “The usual scenario in cases like this is that the buyer will say that they can only afford to buy a home at a much lower price than they actually can afford. This is done mainly for two reasons; they are testing the market to see what is out there and at the same time hope to pick up a gem for as little as possible.

The other reason may be based on trust as buyers often assume that an agent is looking for the best deal for themselves and will only show them homes that are priced in the top half of the limit, hoping to secure a higher commission.”Goslett maintains that a good agent always has the best interests of both the buyer and seller at heart and wants to find the buyer the perfect home in the shortest time possible. There are bargains to be had but these tend to be snapped up quickly. The faster you get in and make an offer, the better.”Goslett says that buyers who approach property purchases in an upfront manner, disclosing all of their needs and exactly how much they are willing to pay for those, are going to walk away from the exercise far happier than those who don’t disclose their affordability levels.“

Agents have been trained to listen to buyer’s needs,” says Goslett, although he notes that this is not necessarily an easy exercise, particularly when a husband and wife are looking for totally different aspects in a home. For example, although the number of bedrooms and bathrooms may easily be agreed on, other aspects may prove to be a problem. “Different things appeal to different people. Some love older homes with loads of wooden features, others prefer the more modern look and desire something packed full of stainless steel and glass. When couples have the same likes and dislikes, house-hunting tends to be much easier. However, when they disagree on what makes a perfect home, problems can arise.”Therefore Goslett says that anyone considering investing in property, particularly those who have differing tastes should consider making a list of their wants, if necessary, compromising of certain factors.

“Having a clear idea of what you want makes the whole process simpler.”While it may be rare for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for, it certainly becomes more challenging for agents to find a home for a couple with varying tastes. “Sorting out your differences before you meet with an agent will make your lives and the chances of finding the ideal property far easier,” says Goslett. Forming a relationship with an agent who understands your wants and needs can also play a vital role in successful house hunting. “We have agents that deal with the same people time and time again, often reselling the same property to different people. These agents take the time and put in the effort required to maintain these relationships. They understand the buyer’s exact needs and are literally willing to go the extra mile to ensure that these needs are met.” concludes Goslett.

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