High Hopes Montessori – Learn and Grow

High Hopes Montessori – Learn and Grow

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Claire Fraser

High Hopes Montessori fosters each child’s natural hunger for knowledge and learning through a well-balanced programme using the internationally-observed Montessori method.

High Hopes Montessori in Clubview, Centurion was established in 1989 and is privately-owned and managed by Louise Stoutjesdyk. She is a qualified directress in the birth to six year category, and holds an international qualification from the St Nicholas Montessori Training Centre in London. The school caters for children between the ages of two and a half and six years old.

The environment is a utopia for little ones, with large shady trees and beautiful gardens. It adjoins the Zwartkop Golf Course Estate and has magnificent views over the fairways. Situated adjacent to the Old Johannesburg Road and the Hans Strydom/M10, High Hopes has convenient access to Johannesburg and Pretoria.

High Hopes offers a well-balanced academic programme aimed at stimulating, educating lessons that meet developmental needs of the whole child. The curriculum covers the five Montessori areas of learning, which are Practical Life, Sensorial, Algebra and Geometry, Mathematics, Language and a Cultural area consisting of History, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Art, Music and a Library. This philosophy was designed by Dr Montessori through careful observation of children.

High Hopes Montessori prides itself on its high standards. The Montessori philosophy is applied, respected and believed in, giving children every opportunity to develop fully on all four planes (intellectually, physically, emotionally/socially, and spiritually).

High Hopes is a small school catering for parents who are dedicated and believe in the Montessori philosophy – willing to apply the same values that are taught at school to their children’s home lives. The group is treasured, and the staff are deeply committed to maintaining a loving, positive and peaceful atmosphere at all times.

The Montessori learning environment is specially-prepared, child-centred, busy and productive; whilst allowing each child to work at his or her own pace both in groups and independently. The learning areas are linked to promote greater understanding and a broad, underlying knowledge base.

The programme at High Hopes Montessori is complemented by the extra-mural activities on offer, covering a number of key areas. These enhance the programme and skills at the school and the curriculum broadens the experiences of every child at the school. The extra-curricular calendar includes activities in drama, sport, yoga, pottery and music, with well-equipped and professionally-managed art and music areas.


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