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How to bring summer into your home

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Sarah-Jane Meyer |
How to bring summer into your home

Now that summer has arrived; it’s time to pack away all your winter cushions and throws and transform your home into a comfortably cool space.

Debbie Reabow, the brand and communications manager for the Rawson Property Group, shares some tips.

Clear the clutter

“Cosy cushion covers and layered throws are warming in winter but can make interiors feel stuffy in the heat,” says Reabow. “If you no longer long to snuggle into that pile of velvety cushions or tuck that faux fur rug around your knees, it’s time to pack them away where they’ll stay clean and fresh for next season.”

Clear out as much unnecessary clutter as you can in order to create an easy, breezy summer vibe. You don’t want a completely blank canvas, but you do need room to breathe.


To make a space feel lighter and brighter, there are few things more effective than colour, says Reabow.

“To reflect the fresh hues of summer, replace the more intense winter tones with cool pastels or palettes inspired by fruity sorbets or tropical prints,” she says. “Nautical blues and whites are timeless choices that pair particularly well with natural materials like wood, linen, cotton and cane.”

She says this season’s textile prints make excellent accents when you want to add personality to summer spaces. Make your selection from bold tropicals, delicate florals, striking geometrics and monochrome.

“Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a more eclectic feel – summer is the time for light-hearted fun, so get playful with your choices,” says Reabow.

Go green

Indoor plants are making a massive comeback at present and are a great way to introduce a touch of summer to your home.

“Tropical delicious monsters (monstera deliciosa) are excellent accent plants and thrive indoors in sunny spots. Simple succulents and air plants are also trendy and attractive,” she says. “For the more adventurous, there are some miniature fruit tree varietals that thrive indoors in the right light conditions and produce scented blossoms as well as fruit.”

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t despair - plants are not the only way to bring the outdoors in. Instead, bring nature into your home with natural materials like raw wood, sandstone, seagrass and loose-weave linens.


Reabow recommends giving outdoor areas a little love to make outdoor entertaining as enjoyable as possible.

“Outdoor entertainment areas are extremely popular with property buyers,” says Reabow. “Investing a little money in this area will pay off in the long term. If you have the space, a covered patio with a built-in braai is a good option. However, a neatly paved space with a few outdoor couches or a dining table and a large umbrella works equally well.”


When planning an outdoor space, don’t overlook the lighting.

“The right lights are essential for ambience as well as functionality,” says Reabow. “Solar options are particularly effective in areas where it might be tricky to supply electricity. Candles, lanterns and torches can add a romantic touch.”


No matter how you choose to embrace the summer season, Reabow says fun should always be your focus.

“Your home is your playground and should always reflect your personality. So, don’t get too caught up in what’s trendy. Instead, look for the things that make you and your loved ones smile.”

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