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Finding a home within a good school district is an obvious search criterion for buyers with children. However, being near to your desired school is not the only important factor when it comes to location.

According to Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, there are several other features that could be helpful to buyers with young children:

Nearby parks within visibility of your home

Particularly for those with limited backyard space, having a park nearby or living in a quiet street in which your children can ride their bikes can be really useful. Homes within security estates also offer safe outdoor spaces in which your children can expend their energy.”

Pedestrian safety measures

“In 2018 in Cape Town alone, 82 children died as a result of road accidents. Pedestrian safety measures (such as pedestrian crossings, speed bumps and visible stop signs) should therefore be an important search criterion – especially if your children are old enough to walk themselves to school.”

Kid-friendly restaurants & activities nearby

“It might not seem like an important factor but having a variety of kid-friendly restaurants and activities nearby can make life more convenient. It also makes it easier to drive back to collect the items that were accidentally left behind, such as your child’s favourite blanket, without which he/she doesn’t sleep.”

As a father himself, Goslett empathises with buyers who are looking for family-friendly neighbourhoods in which to purchase. “When searching for the home in which my family and I currently stay, I would not bother to view a home that fell outside the catchment areas for our preferred schools, so I understand how important finding the right neighbourhood can be. A real estate professional who listens to your needs can give you an unfair advantage in this regard. Often aware of new listings before they appear on property portals, real estate professionals can ensure that you are the first to view a new listing – a vital advantage when homes in that particular area are in high demand and supply is low. I therefore highly recommend partnering with a well-connected real estate professional who can tap into the widest network of associates to keep you up-to-date on all the new listings as they enter the market,” Goslett concludes.

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