How to make Easter-themed decor

How to make Easter-themed decor

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Easter is a religiously observed public holiday in South Africa, marked by delicious treats such as marshmallow and chocolate Easter eggs, rabbit-shaped chocolate, hot cross buns, fish, and more. Besides the decadent food, another way to welcome and celebrate Easter includes placing beautiful decor around your home to match the occasion. You can make this décor in the comfort of your home using affordable materials. It’ll also serve as a fun project for the entire family to participate in.

Here are some inexpensive Easter decorations that you can make:

1. Colourful Easter eggs made from sprinkles Enter Alt Tag Here

These colourful Easter eggs are quite easy to make. All you need are sprinkles, faux eggs (you can buy these at a craft shop), a paintbrush, and craft glue.

To get started, paint half an egg using the craft glue and then add sprinkles on the painted area. Paint the other half of the egg and proceed to add sprinkles to the area.

You can let the eggs dry overnight before using them as decor. They’ll look great in an Easter basket that acts as a centrepiece on your table.

2. Fluffy Easter eggs made from pipe cleaners Enter Alt Tag Here

Another way to make decorative Easter eggs is to use pipe cleaners and hot glue (this is where a glue gun comes in handy!).

Take a faux egg and wrap a colourful pipe cleaner while adding small dots of glue to secure the pipe cleaner. The end result will be a fluffy and colourful egg.

3. Mini-tree with Easter eggs Enter Alt Tag Here

Who says decorative trees should be solely reserved for Christmas? You can make your own decorative tree for Easter that’ll look great in your home and help you welcome the Easter weekend.

To make an Easter tree, get strong branches with a flowering plant on them and put them in a sturdy vase. Wrap ribbons around Easter eggs and then tie them to the branches with hot glue.

4. Egg candle holders Enter Alt Tag Here

Are you throwing out your eggshells? You can reuse them by turning them into egg candle holders. The instructions to make egg candle holders are simple. Take cracked eggshells and paint them on the inside and outside using your desired colours. Once they are dry, you can place tea candles in them and scatter them across your dining or kitchen table.

Using the 4 Easter decor ideas above, you can undertake a fun, DIY project just in time for the Easter long weekend.


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