Innovative App Changes the Game for Estate Agents

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Realtors International has spent the past year developing an app – currently on iPad only but soon on other platforms as well – which will free agents to spend more face-to-face time with their clients.

“We believe in technology as a tool to build the personal connections that our agents can then excel in,” says Toni Enderli, Chief Brand Officer for Realtors International. “We are making a real difference to our industry and to the world we live in, and that is what is important.”

One of the industry game changers that the app ushers in is that agents will no longer need to rent expensive offices. They will be fully connected, with all the information they need, wherever they are. A result of this flexibility and cost saving will be that agents are able to dramatically improve their service delivery standards.

The app is impressive. It aggregates all the tools that an agent needs, in one place. It handles all the admin. No printouts are needed. Buyers and sellers sign their agreements through a secure digital signature component, directly onto the iPad.

“People who choose to sell their properties through one of our agents will see a very different approach to that of other real estate companies,” says Enderli. “Our agents will immediately give them an accurate evaluation of the price of their property because the app is linked to the Deeds Office. Previously the agents would have had to return to the office to do research, and then print out a proposal. Now there are no delays.”

The app changes the experience for buyers as well. Instead of getting reams of printouts about properties that may not be suitable, buyers are able to see all the properties available through the app. They are only taken to the ones that are the best match, and comprehensive details are emailed to the client after the visit. The agents also have all the tools they need to answer buyers’ questions about bond costs, interest rates and transfer fees.

Technology has changed the way we live our lives as well as how we transact and communicate with each other. With its new app, Realtors International is responding to these changes and ensuring that it will still be selling homes for many years to come.

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