JVB Unveils the Pink Label Collection

JVB Unveils the Pink Label Collection

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JVB Furniture Collection has unveiled their new Pink Label Collection in collaboration with renowned interior designer Nthabi Taukobong. JVB was founded in London in 2002 by South African born and bred interior designer Justin Van Breda. The brand has since flourished and JVB stores can now be found in Fourways, Kramerville and Cape Town.

The Pink Label brand represents the first collaboration between JVB Furniture and Taukobong. The inaugural collection under the Pink Label brand has been dubbed ‘The Penthouse Collection’ which is broadly inspired by the city of Johannesburg and the concept of enjoying drinks with friends after work.

Explains Taukobong: “Our initial concept boards were filled with images of fabulous young achievers living in the ‘now’. They drive hot cars, wear stylish clothes and meet for drinks every Thursday night. Pink Label is a cutting edge collection that caters for people who are fierce, fabulous and feisty in everything they do.”

JVB already offers an extensive array of furniture under their ‘Town’ and ‘Country’ labels. The Pink Label collection is set to spice up this offering. “We decided to work together on the brand because JVB enthusiasts were asking for a collection with extra ‘kick’,” says Taukobong. And the Pink Label brand certainly delivers.

Each piece in the collection has been named after cocktails. Given that things can get a bit messy when the good times and drinks are flowing, all the upholstered elements in the range are finished in synthetic leather so owners don’t have to worry about spills in the middle of a party.

Commenting on the design process between herself and JVB, Taukobong said: “It was simple really. We both knew what we wanted to achieve and I was able to translate our goals into actual designs. It only took two presentations, following which we started working on samples at factories. That’s how seamless our collaboration has been. We speak the same creative language.”

Taukobong explains that the idea for the Pink Label brand originated from her love of the colour pink. “I love pink! My laptop, my diary, my room fragrance range, just about everything in my life is pink. Part of the initial concept presentation included a picture of a Johannesburg cityscape which featured a pink sunset over the city. The JVB team picked up on my ‘obsession’ with the colour and the Pink Label name stuck.”

The ‘Penthouse Collection’ refers to the collection’s orientation towards living the good life in the city. “We believe many of our clients live in cosmopolitan, on-trend places and that if you’re going to live in the city you should move to the top floor!” remarks Taukobong.

Although all the pieces are sexy, stylish and beautifully made, Taukobong says the ‘Cosmo’ lounge chair is her favourite. “The Cosmo is the hottest piece of furniture I’ve seen in a long time. The tilted back was a last minute design alteration and it’s made the chair so much sexier! This is the kind of chair I can see a gorgeous man sitting in with a Cuban cigar in one hand and a drink in the other while casually chatting to friends over the latest BRICS developments.”

The new collection is complemented by pop-art style artwork which features, in the main, radically coloured images of Nelson Mandela and Johannesburg cityscapes. “The artwork finishes off the collection beautifully,” explains Taukobong. “It has a distinctive global appeal yet each piece has been made in South Africa and underscores the ‘no rules’ edge when it comes to colour.”

For further details go to www.j-v-b.com

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