Kloof High School – To Be the Best That I Can Be

Kloof High School – To Be the Best That I Can Be

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Claire Fraser

Situated in the upmarket suburb of Kloof outside of Durban, Kloof High School has a rich history of providing a superlative environment for co-curricular education in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Kloof High is dedicated to excellence across all spheres, offering learners a balanced education and the makings of success. The provision of this quality education is made in the inclusive spirit of the New South Africa, and the school caters for the range of cultures, races and religions in the country that make our country so richly diverse. Learners at Kloof High are encouraged to participate in the academic, sporting, cultural and community upliftment activities on offer in order to capitalise on the relevant education on offer to them at the school.

In the classroom, the teachers at Kloof High are committed to imparting knowledge in a variety of forms. This includes and extends beyond the subjects of the curriculum to endow them with thinking and life skills that will provide them with the aptitude to tackle the professional and social world with adeptness and confidence. It is environment where learners are free to make the most of the opportunities presented by the school, and this includes a staunch measure of respect in a values-based atmosphere.

In the attainment of a comprehensive education, learners at Kloof High School are encouraged to participate in the variety of activities presented to them on the extra-curricular calendar. It is through these activities that the range of school experiences is broadened, and aids in the school’s aim to define character. The school has fine facilities that make their involvement in these activities even more enjoyable and, both on the sports field and on the cultural front, the school is outfitted to make recreational past times, practice and performance something every learner can be proud of. Leadership is inherent in most, if not all, of these activities, which span across a number of interests and disciplines. That the school has seen a number of national, provincial and regional representatives participate and flourish within the school’s extra-mural programme bears testament to the success of this pivotal element of the school.

The learners and staff are actively involved in outreach at Kloof High. This is presented to every member of the school as a challenge, but also as an imperative. As such, the school makes itself aware of the needs of the community, and devises ways to help the disadvantaged within it. This has seen the school partner with local schools that face challenges to provide resources and assistance to learners and staff. In terms of Kloof High’s efforts, the school has been hailed by a provincial parliamentary delegation for their excellent work on this front, and is evidence of the meaningful difference the school has made through these initiatives.


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