Location remains important

Location remains important

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Adrian Goslett

Very often it is only once people have moved into their homes that they realise that they may have chosen the wrong location, says Adrian Goslett, the CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

He says that in all the excitement of finding and moving into a new house, homeowners often disregard one of the most important parts of any property deal. “While it is commonly heard that location is everything in business, the same can be said for a home. Families need to assess their needs and find a home that caters for those requirements. While people with young families often move closer to good schools, very often little attention is paid to the other amenities in the area.”People have different needs and what is going to appeal to one, isn’t going to appeal to another. A single person, for example, may well look for an apartment that is close to all the action of city life. Those will small children are more likely to look at quieter neighbourhoods with little traffic, while older buyers may consider the proximity of shopping centres, hospitals and other factors before buying a home.The advent of Google maps and the like have made the buying process easier for those looking to invest in an unknown area. Knowing where to start looking can save an enormous amount of time and energy. Once it has been established which area the buyer intends to settle, finding the correctly-priced property that is for sale in the area via the Internet can prove advantageous. “Approaching an agent with a clear idea of what type of property you are looking for, in a particular area, helps narrow down the search for suitable homes. Agents tend to focus on specific areas and know the ins and outs of the suburb in which they specialise. Their knowledge can prove invaluable, especially for those delving into areas that are unknown to them.”Goslett advises buyers who are considering moving to a new suburb to take the time to drive around to become au fait with local amenities. “Knowing what is available and how close the amenities are situated can make a huge difference in the buyer’s life.”Catchment areas for schools can often be the driving force behind property demand, particularly if the establishment concerned is held in high regard. Buyers are often willing to pay a premium to live close to the right school, ensuring that their children benefit from the educational standards the particular school offers. “The ever-increasing price of petrol is another factor that buyers are beginning to take into consideration,” says Goslett.“Finding a home that is situated close to the right type of amenities will always feature in a buyer’s mind. Buyers are often willing to compromise when they find a home, at the right price in the right area,” concludes Goslett.

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