Lollipop Tree Playgroup – Home to the Best Kids in the World

Lollipop Tree Playgroup – Home to the Best Kids in the World

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Claire Fraser

Co-ordinated and hosted in the home of qualified nurse, Amanda Coetzer, award-winning Lollipop Tree Educational Playgroup in Randpark Ridge serves children between the ages of 18 months and four years of age.

Two teachers and a helper oversee a small group of children at Lollipop Tree Playgroup in an intimate environment that gives a sense of home. The educational programme is designed to develop motor skills, auditory and social skills. The small classes enable little ones to build confidence in an atmosphere that encourages play, discovery and learning. These facets of the school day are conducted with care, patience and understanding of the varying needs of every individual in the school, especially as potty training commences at two years old.

The facilities at Lollipop Tree Playgroup are safe and conducive to learning, where children are prepared for nursery school. The large playground and classroom enables integrated play between the different age groups, allowing children to benefit from a ‘mentorship’ as they mingle with those a little older than them. This also gives the older children a keen sense of tolerance and social skills that will stand them in good stead for pre-school and their relationships with other children beyond school walls.

Lollipop Tree Playgroup has designed activities for children that will develop skills and give little ones hours of fun. Art and class work can be completed in a dynamic classroom environment, with a cooked lunch and refreshments served during the course of the day. Extra-mural activities are also arranged including BeSharp Beatles Music Appreciation and Super Kids sports development. Holiday care is also on offer and transport home can be arranged through the school.


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