Luxury Property Investment

Luxury Property Investment

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The ability to share in the ownership of exclusive property, has to date been

nothing but a mere mirage to all but a very small number of privileged


The continuing increase of prices in this top sector has made it nearly

impossible to join the party, especially if one initially missed the bus. Take

for example that a quality stand at a top golf estate like Pinnacle Point can

easily cost an investor between R2 million and R3 million. Add to that the high

building costs that always increases with the aesthetics of the area

(elevations, water, building regulations, environmental impact, etc.) and most

buyers are completely priced out of the market. This trend of increasing prices

will undoubtedly continue especially now that more and more South Africans are

starting to share in the countries riches. Demand will thus stay high as

discerning investors will always be prepared to pay for the luxury and security

of top quality private estates. Luckily for many and investor the status quo of

who is able to invest in such up market property is busy changing.

Welcome to the world of Fractional Ownership or Property Syndication. This

unique form of property ownership is by far the most effective, easiest and

lowest risk way to invest in luxury property. Fractional ownership has long been

the fastest growing sector in the American luxury property market and South

African buyers are quickly catching on. The tremendous advantages of the

fractional, rather than whole ownership can clearly be seen by its popularity on

prime Estates like Pinnacle Point, Zebula, Prince's Grant and many others.

Fractional Ownership can be described as the joint ownership of an asset.

Usually the asset is of high monetary value and in this case specifically high

quality property. Usage of the property is shared amongst the owners and all

associated costs are also jointly carried, thereby lowering the cost for each

owner. Ownership is in the form of a percentage shareholding in a private

company, whilst the company in turns owns the property. Ownership gives the

shareholder the right of use for a specified number of weeks per year, depending

on your percentage shareholding. In most cases syndications provides an

opportunity for a thirteenth share, or multiple thereof, in the specific

property and thus gives the investor four weeks usage per annum on a rotational


Before investing in any property, prospective shareholders should ask themselves

the following:

Why luxury property?

Over the last two decades leisure property has constantly outperformed

traditional residential property by a healthy margin. Leisure property not only

offers above average capital growth, but also excellent rental returns combined

with a self usage benefit.

Why fractional ownership?

Shareholders are the owners of the property and have complete control over all

aspects of the company and the property it owns. All the necessary structures

for both the utilisation as well as the management of the property are put in

place by Syndic8 Solutions - the specialists in the Fractional Ownership.

Benefits of fractional ownership include:

  • Any increase in the value of the property accrues to the shareholders

  • Better value for money

  • Affordable ownership in exclusive destinations

  • The most exclusive addresses in South Africa normally increase in value

    faster than other residential properties

  • Ability to rent out your un-utilised weeks

  • Lower maintenance costs as it is shared between all shareholders

  • Less security concerns because of higher occupancy and high estate


Why Syndic8 Solutions?

With more than 30 years experience in the investment and property markets,

Syndic8 Solutions provides customers with a practical solution to investing in

the high-end property market. The company prides itself on its dedication to a

"no compromise approach to client care" and an un-wavering commitment to high

ethical standards & values.

Syndic8 Solutions, as a full subsidiary of Exord Holdings (Pty) Ltd and a proud

member of the South African Association of Fractional Intermediaries (SAAFI),

offers clients complete piece of mind as a life long partner in their fractional

ownership assets.

It is Syndic 8 Solutions' passion to bring top quality properties to the market

at the right prices. This is your opportunity to buy into life.

Click here for more investment opportunities in Fractional Properties


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