Maritzburg College – A Balanced, Internationally - Competitive Education for Boys

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With an abiding reputation as one of the leading boys’ schools in the country, Maritzburg College provides exceptional facilities and premium education to boys.

Steeped in tradition, Maritzburg College fortifies its core values in its ever-growing community of alumni. Under the guidance and instruction of dedicated staff, boys are thoroughly prepared for the challenges of life; giving them all of the opportunities they need to lead fulfilled and successful lives.

Academically, Maritzburg College is among the top ranked schools in the national Senior Certificate examinations, with many subject distinctions. The multiple successes of the Old Boys bear testament to the high academic standard within the school; with Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars and many boys going on to excel in top professions. The grounding received at Maritzburg College provides all graduates with the faculties to serve their communities – both locally and abroad – with proficiency. Knowledge and skills are conveyed to learners by qualified teachers in well-equipped, internet-linked classrooms. Additional, technologically-advanced facilities within the school enhance the learning experience of all boys and aid teachers in innovative, modern methods to the marked benefit of the boys.

The Maritzburg College Leadership Programme is imperative in the development of young men, and assists in the attainment of their full potential. This is an important part of the skills development offered at College, and gives boys innumerable opportunities to give these lessons practical application through camps and workshops. Leadership provides boys with a firm foundation for their professional lives.

The school’s social responsibility initiatives further reinforce the values-based element of the boys’ schooling. It also gives College an opportunity to assist those in need within their community. Through the Khanyisa Project, teachers from the school assist principals, teachers and learners from twenty-three disadvantaged schools. The main focus of this project is Mathematics, Science and Accountancy. The school also arranges feeding schemes through Bread Buddies, and a book drive provides a valuable learning aid to students at The Grange.

Sport is viewed as a pivotal facet of the school lives of all boys at Maritzburg College. An important element in the development of a keen sense of school spirit, the meaning of team work and good sportsmanship, boys are encouraged to participate in social or competitive sport. Many fundamental values and skills are imparted on the sports field, and this is part of the holistic education provided at Maritzburg College. The dedication displayed by all members of the College community translates to a culture of sporting excellence, and the school has an established reputation as a formidable opponent in a number of disciplines at a National level of top schools. Many of the boys are regional, provincial and national representatives and proud ambassadors of the school. Jonty Rhodes, Kevin Pietersen, Butch James, Joel Stransky and Darian Townsend are all old College boys.

A further extension of the extra-curricular calendar includes a number of cultural activities that are approached with the same fervour as sport. The cultural activities aid in the development of the talent and character of all participants, and often complement in-classroom lessons. The offered activities cater for a number of preferences amongst the boys.

Maritzburg College attracts boys from all over the city and beyond. Boarding is offered to boys from outside of the town, and one quarter of the student body are housed on campus. Grade 8 boys enjoy the spirit-building of sharing one year in their own house, and Matrics have their own rooms in College House. The structured environment also plays a role in the successful development of our boys, and the young men that leave the school are all-rounders.

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