Norkem Park Primary – Live, Learn and Become

Norkem Park Primary – Live, Learn and Become

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Claire Fraser

A building that has become a striking facet of James Wright Road in Kempton Park, Norkem Park Primary is a flourishing school with all of the facilities for an holistic grounding for learners.

Norkem Park Primary is dedicated to the creation of well-rounded learners. This is achieved through a high level of academic expectation, underpinned by a proficient, enthusiastic staff. Learners at the school are engendered with a number of skills and values, all of which provide a thorough grounding for taking initiative and responsibility for their results in the classroom and in the extra-mural arena. The school’s Language Enrichment Programme improves the English skills of all learners.

Over and above this, the school has been running an excellent learnership programme since 1989, whereby student teachers gain important mentorship and practical skills in their studies towards their B Ed degrees through UNISA. This programme grows the staff body, retaining the highest standard of educators. Norkem Park also employs a counsellor/social worker who is there to assist learners, parents and staff.

The school operates within a Christian ethos, which further aids in the creation of upstanding individuals. The cumulative result of these factors is an alumnus of well-adjusted and capable individuals that prosper in every facet of their daily lives, both personally and in their interaction with others.

In keeping with the ethos of the school, the vision and mission encompasses care and tolerance of others. This has practical application in a variety of forms within the school under the banner of social responsibility. Learners actively engage in drives for a number of good causes. This includes clothing collections for the less fortunate and food donations for the SPCA to name a few. The causes and learners are mutually beneficial in these projects, and aids Norkem Park Primary students with a strong sense of empathy and pragmatism.

Norkem Park Primary places emphasis on the development of leadership qualities within its learners. This is attained through a variety of methods within the school. Participation in extra-mural activities is but one of these for the number of virtues that are inherent in their engagements with one another beyond the classroom. The extra-curricular calendar includes sporting and cultural activities that reinforce their academics and strengthen their talents. As a result of the learners’ commitment to these varied activities, the school has excelled across the board and made a formidable name for itself in inter-school competitions.

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