Northriding Pre-Primary School – Where a Lifetime of Learning Begins

Northriding Pre-Primary School – Where a Lifetime of Learning Begins

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Offering a spacious and secure environment that provides the best care and education to your most precious possession, Northriding Pre-Primary meets the needs of children and the expectations of parents.

Located on a large, beautiful campus, Northriding Pre-School is a school set apart from the fast-paced city. The vegetable garden and animal pen aid in creating a rural environment, as well as providing opportunities for little ones to take responsibility in an engaging sense.

Northriding Pre-Primary caters for children between the ages of 12 months and six years old, and classes are designed to develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as improving emotional intelligence and co-ordination. Classes are equipped with toys, puzzles and games that are stimulating and wholly educational, and the staff are dedicated to preparing children for their future education by giving them confidence and happy, positive attitudes to learning.

The curriculum is an adventure of music, art, colours, shapes, numbers and letters. Art and music lessons give children a valuable outlet, whilst developing creative, cognitive and auditory skills. The large grassy playgrounds give children freedom of movement, which assists in the development of gross motor skills, as well as providing a rural experience. Children at Northriding Pre-Primary are taught environmental awareness from a young age, and have hands-on interaction with nature through gardening, growing vegetables and feeding the animals with their teachers. Learners at the school also receive healthy, freshly-prepared meals, ensuring that all of their dietary needs are met by the balanced and nutritious menu.

Northriding Pre-Primary also offers extra-mural activities to complement the lessons taught throughout the day. This includes Kidz Art Club, Monkeynastix and Veggie Patch Kids. In addition to this, the annual school calendar includes a number of fun events and informative shows and outings, adding a practical and memorable element to all aspects of their learning.


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