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On the Move

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Most of us have experienced moving to a new house or community at some stage of our lives. For some the experience may have been an easy one with little or no obstables, while for others it may have been a rather rocky road. Adrian Goslett, CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa shares some tips on how to move your life and possessions in an organised and hassle free way.

Have a base to work from – Set aside a section, even if it’s just a table where you will keep all your goods for the move. This will include items such as box tape, labels, marker pens and any lists that you have made.

Write it all down – It’s easy to forget things in the hustle and bustle of moving. Goslett says that homeowners should make sure that they write everything down and make lists. Before boxes are packed, do an inventory of the items you have, then when packing them, number the boxes and list the contents of each box – the more specific, the better. This way if any items are missing or boxes are misplaced, it will be easily accountable.

Be well stocked – Rather have too many boxes than too few. It takes a lot of boxes to move an entire home and running out half way through will just waste time. Make your life easier and have enough supplies of everything on hand. Remember to have a few boxes left over for last minute items such as cleaning supplies. Stock up on old newspapers and bubble wrap to wrap up breakable valuables and glassware and have a few rolls of strong plastic tape to seal the boxes.

Add some colour –Allocate a specific colour to each room in the new house, then mark each box with items for that room with a sticker of that colour. That way it will be easy for movers to take boxes directly to the rooms where they belong. To make the process easier for movers, mark each doorpost in the new house with the corresponding colour allocated to that room.

Keep it together – When packing items in boxes, pack corresponding items together. In some cases appliances may come with detachable parts or some items of furniture may need to be disassembled. Keep the screws or small removable parts with the items by putting them in envelopes or small plastic bags and taping them to the item they belong to. Alternatively mark the envelopes and bags and place them all into one box. This box can also include items such as extension cords and other accessories needed for the items to function. Either keep this box with you or make sure that it is visibly marked so that it can easily be found.

Pack unnecessary items ahead of time – If you don’t use an item regularly, then pack it before you move. Anything that is not going to be used up until the day of the move should be packed and ready to go. Only keep out the bare essentials, which will save a lot of time on moving day.

Keep it clean – Have a basic cleaning kit available to clean the old house when you move out. Where possible clean before moving day, if you have packed away all items from a particular cupboard or room then give it the once over straight away so that you won’t have to look at it again on moving day. You will probably also need to keep out the vacuum cleaner to go over each room as the movers empty it.

Personal bags – Each member of the family should pack a bag of items they would like with them as they get to the new home. This could include a phone or cosmetics case, anything that they would need access to as soon as they arrive.

We all have baggage – Used your holiday luggage and tog bags to fill with linen, towels and clothing. Rather have them filled and put to good use than simply taking up space in the moving van.

Keep it safe – If possible, keep all valuable items in one box with you at all times. These don’t only include items such as jewellery but also important documents such as birth certificates, banking records and identity documents.. It is a good idea to check before the move what is covered by your homeowners’ insurance during the move and if you require any additional insurance.

Although moving can be a taxing event, if it is planned and organised it will be a far more bearable exercise.

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