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Private Property catches up with season three's Win a Home grand prize winner, Palesa Moisi, to chat about life on Val De Vie Estate.

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Presenter: Win A Home not only launches the careers of the winning designers, but it also transforms the lives of the lucky viewers that win the grand prize, who become owners of amazing properties.

Simon Bray: Now we've had three seasons of Win A Home already, and that's three lives changed. Viewers just watching the show, entering online and ultimately walking away a multi-million-rand designer home. So that's what's at stake here. It's a massive prize. I mean, Dineno stands up every week and says it's the biggest prize on TV, and it certainly is. So it's going to be great giving that away again. Certainly not something that I'd ever get blase about, that we can be a part of something so big. And for a business like Private Property which is all about marketing beautiful homes, it makes sense to be partnering with a show that gives one away.

Presenter: A fully decorated apartment worth over 3 million rand at the Val De Vie Estate in Capetown seemed like an impossible dream for the fourth year student, Palesa Moisi. But the 26-year-old from Bloemfontein entered the grand prize competition and won. [applause] Palesa. Well done, Palesa. [music]

Presenter: So, Palesa, it's been a year since you won a home. Catch us up.

Palesa Moisi: You know, it's been hectic but nice as well. I've been living here for some months now since I've got the home and it's been a life-changing moment. Yes.

Presenter: Quite a change since student life in the Free State. What's the plan for the rest of the year?

Palesa Moisi: The plan is I'm going to move to Bloemfontein and finish my studies and rent this while I'm away. Then come back home and enjoy my lovely house.

Presenter: So let's get serious for a second. Did winning a home really change your life?

Palesa Moisi: It changed my life big time. I know and I love Capetown now. I didn't know Capetown at first. And I'm living in this luxurious life, knowing places around South Africa that I didn't know before. So it really changed my life.

Presenter: Was it really easy to win the home?

Palesa Moisi: I just entered once. I didn't even know you win a house, hey. I just entered because I loved the kitchen that [inaudible] was doing. And then I was just voting for the kitchen and then I won. Then I have a home.

Presenter What would you say to some of our viewers who perhaps aren't going to enter because they think it's a difficult process?

Palesa Moisi: For this competition, you don't have to vote to win. You have to vote for the best designers. They need to win. Yes. That's what I did and I won. Only once and I won.

Presenter: Well, Palesa, it's been really good catching up. But any last words for my favorite people in the whole world, our viewers? I'm going to give you that camera over there. Go for it.

Palesa Moisi: Good luck everybody for this fourth season of Win A Home. If it can happen to me it can happen to anybody. [applause]

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