Property Tips - National Show Day

Property Tips - National Show Day

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Julia Hinton

Having a show day helps you sell

Private Property encourages sellers to 'pull out all the stops' on National Show Day, which is held once a month all around the country.

Last month's National Show Day was held on Sunday 11 March and according Freda Kooij who is the National Operations Manager at Private Property Listings, "It is always a good idea to hold a show day as this heightens interest and dramatically improves your chances of selling fast."

"In March we ran a competition for our listing consultants intended to see how much enthusiasm they could encourage amongst sellers. The award for the best show house was given based on the most attention-grabbing home and how many people actually visited the show house," said Kooij.

"We had over 1000 properties go on show in March and the response from sellers has been very positive," says Kooij.

If you have chosen to sell your home privately through Private Property you will be hosting your own show day, which your Private Property consultant will assist you in arranging. "We provide sellers with 'for sale' and 'on show' boards and will notify matching buyers in our database via SMS and email of the show day. A consultant will advise sellers and answer any questions," says Kooij.

So, what happens if a buyer makes an offer and you are selling privately? "If you are using Private Property and you get an offer to purchase then you simply need to call your consultant and they will advise and assist with the sales agreement, giving you peace of mind," says Kooij. "If the buyer needs a home loan we can arrange finance through one of the major banks. The service is convenient and free of charge."

Make your home sparkle, clear the clutter and remember that you will be saving yourself time and effort when you move. First impressions do count, so make the most of your opportunity and enjoy showing off your home.

You don't need to spend a fortune … but DO:

  • Find a good home contractor to fix the small things

  • Tidy up your pavement and neaten your garden

  • Patch with paint and repair broken windows and tiles

  • Check your roof for leaks

  • Fix leaking taps and dead light bulbs

  • Do a spring clean - remove all the old clutter and make your home look lighter, brighter and more spacious

  • Get your carpets cleaned and wash your curtains

  • Tidy your cupboards and clean up your storage areas like cellars, pantry, laundry, etc.

  • Polish your tiles and make your kitchen and bathrooms sparkle

  • Open the windows and turn on lights

  • Add some colour with strategically placed flower arrangements

  • Use a little aromatherapy oil, vanilla is a good choice

  • Play some soft background music

  • Brew a pot of coffee and if you're in the mood, bake some muffins

  • Take your pets to a friend

  • Lock away all your valuables

  • Make sure you attend to visitors and are available to answer any questions

  • Keep a list of names and contact numbers of people who attended your show day. If an agent tries to claim a sale you will need to have a record.

  • Be prepared to let people browse and absorb their surroundings. Buying a home is a big decision that takes a little time to make.

Watch out for our next National Show Day on Sunday 22 April.


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