Roseway Waldorf – Unique Education in an Inspiring Environment

Roseway Waldorf – Unique Education in an Inspiring Environment

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Claire Fraser

The Roseway Waldorf School offers a creative learning programme to children from Babygroup to Matric. As a member of the Federation of Waldorf Schools in South Africa, the school operates under the principles of Dr Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Education system – a movement that is being increasingly implemented around the world. The continuity of the Waldorf system from an early age through to Grade 12 is advantageous in the success of the programme, and a comprehensive knowledge of the world is imparted through a variety of classes and segments of the curriculum.

The curriculum keeps the relevant developmental stages in mind, giving learners a fulfilling, stimulating and meaningful school experience. Furthermore, the system incorporates creative, systematic, behavioural and moral – a structure that develops responsible, motivated, confident children. Lessons are imparted by specialist teachers who are proficient in proving the highest quality education covering the broad spectrum of topics within the programme. Learners are given thorough education across these disciplines and learning occurs through logical reasoning, the visual and musical arts and general creative expression.

The Roseway Waldorf School has struck a balance between addressing the individual need of each learner, whilst acknowledging the importance of social elements in the learning process. Children learn in peer groups, and derive marked benefit from learning together and from one another. The classroom environment is complemented by the large number of extra-mural activities offered at the school.

The learners’ time at the Roseway Waldorf School culminates in their matric year. Registered with the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Education, subject choices are made from the large selection available at the school. In the build-up to this pivotal year, learners are given all of the faculties they need to reach their potential and prepare themselves for making a valuable contribution to society.

The Roseway Waldorf School is a community. Over and above this, the members of this school community have the interests if the local community in mind. The Roseway Community Craft Shop is one of the primary expressions of this thinking within the school. It is a base for community-building and provides quality crafts and goods, as well as being a lovely venue to have a meal and a cup of tea.

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