Sellers guide: Advertising your home and show days

Sellers guide: Advertising your home and show days

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How to advertise your home and host successful show days.


High-resolution photographs - These should be taken at good angles, that show off the light, space, and facilities of your home.

Virtual tour - A virtual tour gives potential buyers a good feel for the flow and space of your home, without them ever having to cross the threshold.

Write it up - A comprehensive description of your home’s rooms, facilities, space, and capacities is essential.

Not just one - If you can, spread out your advertising effort across several platforms, like online portals such as, and social media platforms.


Deciding to sell your home is one thing, but getting it ready to be sold is another matter entirely. We recommend these tips for getting your house show day ready:

  • Advertise
    Before you even let people through the door to view your home on sale, establish a solid online presence for it, enabling potential buyers to learn more about your beloved home.

  • Using online marketing mechanisms
    Not only to advertise your home, but your show day too. It is vital for ensuring a successful sale.

  • Declutter This is a great opportunity to slim down what you’ll need to pack up for your move. Declutter now, rather than when you’re packing to move - it’ll make your life simpler in the long run.

  • Deep clean
    That means getting the professionals in to clean the carpets; scrub every surface until it shines and, get every bit of lastminute maintenance done before you open the doors.

  • Deliver an experience
    Potential buyers will want to know what it feels like to live in your home, so don’t skimp on the experience. Be tactical in your showcasing - if your kitchen is the highlight of your home, use it to its fullest advantage.

  • Stay safe
    Make sure your personal items, valuables, and important possessions are locked away or taken off-site during your show day. Set up your show day on an appointment-only basis.

  • Set your schedule
    Set yourself a schedule of show days that work for you and your family, so that you’re fully equipped to devote your time and attention to making them successful.

Now that you know who is going to sell your home...
you have decided on a selling price...
your home is ready to be sold...
and you are actively advertising it...

The next step in your Sellers Guide is understanding "The costs involved with selling your home":

  1. How to sell your home successfully
  2. Deciding on a selling price
  3. Getting your home ready to sell
  4. Advertising your home for sale
  5. The costs involved with selling your home
  6. Moving tips

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