How to run a successful show day

How to run a successful show day

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Cath Jenkin

Advertise or fail

The evolution of online marketing for properties has changed the real estate landscape. If you skip online advertising for your property nowadays, you may as well skip trying to sell it. Before you even let people through the door to view your home on sale, establish a solid online presence for it, enabling potential buyers to learn more about your beloved home. Using online marketing mechanisms to not only advertise your home, but your show day too, is vital for ensuring a successful sale.

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Use every possible facility

Use every tool you have at your disposal to create good advertising for your property. If possible, include the following:

  • High-resolution photographs: These should be taken at good angles, that show off the light, space, and facilities of your home. If at all possible budget-wise, hire a professional photographer - particularly one with real estate experience! - to snap beautiful images of your home.
  • Virtual tour: A virtual tour gives potential buyers a good feel for the flow and space of your home, without them ever having to cross the threshold. This will help to decrease the amount of foot traffic you’ll need to contend with on show day, as potential buyers will be more easily able to select your home as a potential investment, or skip it in pursuit of something more suited to their tastes.
  • Write it up: A comprehensive description of your home’s rooms, facilities, space, and capacities, is essential. Don’t forget to include relevant information relating to your neighbourhood, nearby attractions, and educational facilities. This information will also help potential buyers make quick choices on whether or not they’re keen to pop in on show day.
  • Not just one: If you can, spread out your advertising effort across several platforms. This can make life a little difficult when you’re trying to coordinate responding to interested buyers, but if you’re battling to sell your home, the extra effort may be required. If you’d prefer to keep things simple and apply your effort to only one platform, make sure you prioritise responding to people as quickly and as informatively as possible.
  • Make a list: Once you’ve had enquiries from interested people, make a list of their contact details and any extra information they may have shared with you. Use that list to get in touch with them directly, to tell them about your upcoming show day.

Keep it safe

A successful show day hopefully ends with an offer or two (or five!) for you and your family to consider, with no other issues to attend to. An unsuccessful show day, however, could be disastrous for your potential sale, and your whole family indeed. To keep things on the safe side, we recommend:

  • Setting up your show day on an appointment-only basis. This will enable you to screen and secure only authentic potential buyers, and eliminate scammers or other devious individuals.
  • Lock away or remove all your personal valuables. It’s just sensible.
  • Hire a security firm for assistance. Having extra on-site security can help to deter any criminal activity from taking place.

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Get show day ready

Deciding to sell your home is one thing, but getting it ready to be sold is another matter entirely. Don’t forget the four Ds of getting your house show day ready:

  • Declutter: This is a great opportunity to slim down what you’ll need to pack up for your move. Declutter now, rather than when you’re packing to move - it’ll make your life simpler in the long run.
  • Deep clean: That means getting the professionals in to clean the carpets; scrubbing every surface until it shines and, yes, getting every bit of last-minute maintenance done and sorted before you open the doors.
  • Deliver an experience: Potential buyers will want to know what it feels like to live in your home, so don’t skimp on the experience. Be tactical in your showcasing - if your kitchen is the highlight of your home, use it to its fullest advantage.
  • Don’t be silly: Make sure your personal items, valuables, and important possessions are locked away or taken off-site during your show day.

Set your schedule

Having a show day over a weekend can help to alleviate a lot of the stress related to selling your home, especially if you’re doing so privately. By scheduling selected show days, you’ll know exactly when you need to get your house show day shiny, rather than having to accommodate viewings on various days, in between work and other commitments. Set yourself a schedule of show days that work for you and your family, so that you’re fully equipped to devote your time and attention to making them successful...and hopefully, securing the sale you’re wishing for.

Good luck!


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