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Shaun Wewege

It is rather an exciting time for homeowners who wish to embark on greener lifestyles. For many years literature, events and technologies were on the fringes of society. Access to green technology also cost a premium. This has changed over the years with many of those technologies now being readily available and more affordable.

A major shift has been in the field of events – entire expos are dedicated to sustainability and dozens of others feature green suppliers. What follows below is a list of events where the average Joe and Josephine can access eco-friendly ideas and technology, meet like-minded individuals and, hopefully, use those ideas in building green homes.

Holistic Life,Style & Eco Fair – organic food, crafts and fashion are among the items sold at this monthly event in Gardens, Cape Town. This fair is also known for its range of esoteric exhibitors -

The Green Expo – the expo will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre in September and at Cape Town’s International Conference Centre in November. This major expo will feature talks, displays and a massive selection of green technologies. The actual event also plans to offset its emissions, making it carbon neutral -

Rocking the Daisies – this Darling based music festival not only features a brilliant mix of music, but also caters to families and features green exhibitors. They also aim to be carbon neutral and compost organic waste, recycle, use biodegradable cleaning materials and use LED and solar power for certain lighting applications -

Sustainability Week – the event caters more for business professionals but will cover topics such as green building, sustainable water resources, sustainable transport and energy. It takes place in September at the Sandton Convention Centre -

The Green Hub – Durban is fortunate to have a one-stop for eco-related events. The Green Hub is an environmentally friendly building that serves as an eco-tourism information and environmental education centre. They host events, offer activities such as walks and mountain biking and arrange tours -

Winter Warmers by Jozi [Un]cooked – this series of workshops give attendees ideas for delicious, healthy and eco-friendly vegetarian recipes -

Lavender Blue Organic Farmers' Market – a weekly Saturday market between Beacon Bay and Gonubie where East London residents can stock upon organic goods.

Karkloof Farmers Market – if you are ever in the Howick area be sure to stop in at this market. All of the produce is from local farms – sustainable, healthy and mouth-watering -

Eat for the Earth – host or attend a meal and make a donation on World Environment Day. It’s simple – you invite friends and family over for a meal and in return ask them to make an online donation -

Grow to live workshop – ever wished you could transform you garden from wasteland into wonderland? These informative workshops will teach you how to grow seasonal fruit and vegetables at home -

National Arbor Week – reduce carbon footprints by planting trees during Arbor Week which begins on 1 September. The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry encourage participation – keep an eye on your local community press for related events.

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