SSB Pre-University College

SSB Pre-University College

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Consisting of three campuses, Sekolo sa Borokga (SSB) is an independent non-profit school and member of ISASA, whilst being recognised by the Gauteng Department of Education.

The Middle School is located in Blairgowrie and caters for Grades seven to nine learners; the Matric Centre caters for Grades ten to twelve and is in Bordeaux; and the Pre-University College is in Ferndale, centrally-located in the Randburg region amongst a fine mix of homes, businesses and commercial properties.

The Pre-University College offers Cambridge International Examinations IGCSE level, AS level and A-Level courses and is a University of Cambridge International Examinations Fellowship Centre – recognised around the world.

Fellowship status has only been offered to fifty schools in the world and it is a privilege that has been earned and is nurtured through the school’s persisting spirit of academic excellence.

The superior and globally-recognised standard of learning available through the Pre-University College ensures the learners’ ability to apply to tertiary institutions in South Africa and abroad and, in some cases, will allow for them to fast track to second year level.

A school of academic eminence, SSB Pre-University College is a school of the twenty first century, encompassing the latest educational methods, with a focus on skills development for tertiary preparation the forefront of its enterprise.

There is a specific concentration on Mathematics and the Sciences, and the school is proud to offer one of the most intensive laboratory programs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in one of the best-equipped school laboratories in Gauteng.

At regular intervals over previous years, SSB Pre-University College has seen learners achieve the highest marks in South Africa their AS and A levels for a variety of subjects. In addition to this, the College boasts a successful alumni, with previous students going on to study at Harvard University in USA, neuroscience at Nottingham University and, proudly, to continue their community service beyond their years within the school.

SSB is committed to the all-round skills development of its learners. In keeping with this ethos, it has an Outward Bound excursion and it encourages participation in the Presidents Award program, run internationally, and which involve activities intent on having outcomes that involve a sense of growth and discovery and nurture a sense of social responsibility.

The Gold Award is one of the highest standards of achievement within the programme, and has been awarded to SSB Pre-University student in 2008 and 2010.

Currently having students from ten countries within the student body, the college caters for international students by offering up-market Homestay facilities to all boarders to make them feel as comfortable as possible away from home.

Each student has their own room with a study area, as well as having Homestay parents who provide care and support for students while they are within the facility. They are also given adequate social time, including dining in a communal dining room and having a swimming pool and outdoor relaxation area.

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