Tenants, stand out from the crowd with Ekaya VIP

Tenants, stand out from the crowd with Ekaya VIP

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Competition for rental property is fierce. On Private Property, there are 50 interested tenants for every rental. Ekaya VIP proves your credentials as a good candidate and puts you in pole position to secure the home of your dreams.

What is Ekaya VIP?
VIP is your tenant Profile with all the information you need during the rental application process, digitally verified, safe and easy to share.

Why you need Ekaya VIP

  • One profile, unlimited properties
    Complete your VIP Profile once and you can use it to apply for as many properties as you need. Ekaya VIP gathers all the information landlords need for your rental application and stores it in your profile.
  • Loved by landlords and agents
    Ekaya VIP helps you stand out from the crowd. VIP helps landlords and agents identify good candidates for their property which is why VIP users get 70% more positive responses. This is your way to improve your chances of getting the home you really want.
  • Comprehensive credit report
    VIP works with Compuscan to produce detailed and easy to understand credit reports for VIP tenants. When you complete your VIP Profile, you can download your own comprehensive, infographic-style report in PDF format.
  • Banks statements and Affordability Index
    VIP connects directly to your bank to securely download and process your bank statements. You get to decide whether you want to show all your monthly transactions or only your affordability index.

Three reasons to use VIP when searching for rental property

  1. Massive time saver Ekaya VIP takes less than 10 minutes to digitally fetch and verify your information so you can skip the police station and bank queues.
  2. Privacy protection Protect yourself from identity theft when applying for rentals. VIP keeps you in total control over who has access to your private information.
  3. Give yourself the competitive edge In today’s competitive rental market, having all your ducks in a row can be the decisive factor in winning the rental of your dreams. Stand out from the crowd by applying with VIP.

So, what will VIP do?

Create your Profile once and enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of unlimited, secure applications for as many properties as you wish.

And, the cost?

Creating your VIP Profile with unlimited applications will cost you R99, once-off. The data collected for your Profile is valid for 30-50 days after which you can always refresh for an additional R49.


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