The conveyancing process explained (video)

The conveyancing process explained (video)

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Cathy Nolan

The Conveyancing Process is somewhat of a mystery to many South Africans.

When a property is sold, many people have questions about the process that follows, such as:

What happens after a property is sold to a purchaser by a seller?

What is the exact process that must take place to lawfully transfer ownership of the property from the seller to the purchaser?

How exactly does the purchaser get the title deed of the property?

Who takes care of the transfer (conveyancing) process?

How long will it takes?

If you’ve ever been involved in a transaction of sale and purchase of property, you probably had to struggle with these very same questions. To get answers, most people rely on information provided by either the estate agent or the attorney involved in the transaction. Unfortunately many estate agents and attorneys are not the best teachers, and the client often ends up with more questions than answers.

Luckily Viditrainer is here to help you make sense of the property transfer process.

We asked Bernard van Tonder to explain the South African conveyancing process in simple, easy-to-understand layman’s terms. Bernard is a conveyancing attorney (which means that he does this on a daily basis) and an all-around nice guy.

Watch the video below (and on the next page) to see and understand the step-by-step process of conveyancing. Bernard shares with you all the steps required to transfer property ownership from a seller to a purchaser.

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