The King’s College and Preparatory School

The King’s College and Preparatory School

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The King’s College and Preparatory School offers balanced learning to meet the diverse needs of modern students. Against the backdrop of the Christian living, students at the school attain direction that will serve them throughout their lives. The caring staff are dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of each child, giving them the ability to make the right choices with positive attitudes towards all of their pursuits.

The King’s College and Preparatory School caters for Pre-school to Matric students, with a focus on the various developmental needs across the levels. Each age group is given a thorough foundation in preparation for the challenges that await them. The classroom is a stimulating and challenging environment, with a small number of students in each class, ensuring that they derive the best possible opportunities to build upon their talents and tackle their difficulties.

Learning is enriched in a number of innovative ways by a team of passionate teachers who exhibit compassion and enthusiasm in all of their classes. It is this positive classroom environment that is conducive to top learning, and a motivated student body. The high level of individual attention means that problems can be identified and assistance can be offered through the school’s specialised teaching programmes. The one hundred percent Matric pass rate in the annual IEB examinations at the College bears testament to the success of the curriculum and teaching practices on offer.

The cultural activities on offer at The King’s College and Preparatory School are integrated into school life. The Cultural and Performing Arts Programme allows students to develop creative habits that aid in the process of discovery, and so, their drive for learning. Music, Art and Drama events are arranged throughout the school year. The Preparatory School boasts specialist music instruction, and all pupils are taught to read music and given guidance in music appreciation. This culture is sustained throughout the students’ College years.

Students at The King’s College and Preparatory School participate in sports in the Private Schools League, providing a safe co-curricular environment, where competitiveness and good sportsmanship are encouraged. The idea behind the League is to entrench students with healthy, physical habits, and give them an opportunity to interact with students in the local community. In addition to the health benefits associated with participation in sports, a number of key areas are developed through student involvement in the broad range of activities on offer at the school.


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