Tips for selling privately

Tips for selling privately

Private Property South Africa

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Selling a property privately is no longer such a daunting task and the phenomenon is becoming increasingly more attractive to sellers looking to save the whopping amount in estate agent's commission.

How to start and what does it cost?

Start by calling the National Service Centre on 087 375 1000 or your local Private Property branch (see page 11). There are 27 franchise branches around South Africa as well as one in Namibia. You will be able to ask questions and when you decide to go ahead and list your home, one of our Property Consultants will make an appointment to visit you at the property. There is a small once-off listing fee of between R990 and R2999 (including VAT), depending on the value of your property.

Marketing tools and strategy

Private Property will help you market your home:

  • You will receive a detailed information pack.

  • Your property listing with detailed description and up to 12 photographs will be active on our website within 24 hours. Our website is the busiest property website in South Africa with over 150 000 registered buyers in the database.

  • Matching buyers will be sent email and SMS alerts.

  • For Sale boards should be displayed in front of your property at all times; anyone driving by who is interested can SMS the reference number to 35609 and will instantly be sent your contact details.

  • Having a show day helps you sell - You will simply need to contact your Property Consultant before Thursday, so that your home can be flagged 'on show' and SMS and email alerts can be sent to all matching buyers in time for them to plan their Sunday visit. Remember to erect your On Show boards in visible places outside your property and we will give you a 'show day brochure' that you can hand out to visitors on the day. Ask your Consultant about additional items to attract attention such as balloons and bunting.

  • Private Property also advertise on radio stations, in local newspapers, distribute flyers, and we print 20 000 copies of the Private property Magazine each month which is available in CNA stores around the country.

We give you the tools to help you sell privately and your Property Consultant is always on hand to address any concerns or answer questions.

When you get an offer

This is probably the part of the process that has initially scared most people who decide to sell privately, but you needn't worry. When you get an offer and have agreed on the price and the conditions of sale, simply call your Property Consultant who is there to protect your best interests and will guide you through the sales facilitation process.

You will be provided with a standard sales agreement and your Consultant will recommend a reputable conveyancing attorney. All attorneys on our panel are carefully monitored and are signed up with L@W (Lawyers Access Web), which is an online system whereby you will receive regular email and SMS updates allowing you to 'track your transfer'.

Bond finance for your buyer

Your Consultant can assist your buyer with home loan finance, and importantly for you, ensure that the buyer does in fact qualify to purchase your property. Private Property submits bond applications to the four major banks and can assist in obtaining the best rate.

Meet the Consultant

Private Property held a competition last month for the 'Toolbox Champion' and Jeanette Johnson from the Centurion branch was our winner.

It might seem like a bit of a strange kind of competition, but if you list your property with Private Property you will be able to witness the blue Toolbox that the Consultant will arrive at your home with. It contains everything that they need to give you, demonstrate and explain, in order to help you sell your property.

Jeanette has been with Private Property since October 2005, which was well before the 'time of the Toolbox' and according to her manager, Natasha Mourik, "Jeanette embraced it as an amazing and very valuable tool, using it to help her help her sellers to sell their properties, which is the ultimate objective."

"Jeanette has shown real professionalism and courage, which are two of our Private Property values. She is determined to do the best job possible. The idea behind the Toolbox is that it is intended to help the Consultants' to communicate everything clearly to sellers, so that they understand exactly how the private sales process works, and thereby achieve the desired results," says Mourik.

"Another feather in Jeanette's cap is that she made the Private Property Champions Club by achieving all her targets, and none of this could have been achieved without the passion she has for her job," says Mourik.


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