Waterberg Academy – Live and Learn

Waterberg Academy – Live and Learn

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Claire Fraser

Waterberg Academy, in the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in Vaalwater, offers learners a safe and peaceful environment for learning amidst beautiful, natural bushveld.

Waterberg Academy is a school that is in touch with the different factors necessary for success during learners’ developmental years. In addition to high quality instruction, the child-centred staff impart people skills to learners – something that will provide them with an unmatched advantage in their futures. The focus of the school is to provide a balanced education; covering academics, emotional intelligence and environmental awareness. Learners’ spiritual needs are met by the school’s Christian ethos. The prevalence of small classes ensures each learner derives maximum advantage from their attentive and caring teachers.

At Waterberg Academy, learners engage in the top class IEB curriculum, whilst attaining a traditional education with a concentration on ethics and self-knowledge. It is through the range of learning experiences on offer at the school that learners are prepared for success with global reach. Catering for pre-primary through to high school,

Waterberg Academy provides a foundation from grassroots level; paving the way with skills and techniques that will allow for excellence during the entire course of their schooling. Opportunities are provided to enrich the curriculum and encourage comprehensive development; covering academic, social, sport, culture and leadership.

Owing to its location and ethos, Waterberg Academy is intent on providing learners with environmental conscientiousness. This is an internal programme within the school curriculum, as well as an outreach initiative by the school. This translates into efforts by Waterberg Academy on educating local people in the community on sustainability, largely through partnerships with stakeholders and educators. This is to the benefit of the country, as well as for the Waterberg learners. Social responsibility endows learners with a keen sense of responsibility, empathy and pragmatism; giving them a chance to help and interact with those less fortunate than themselves.


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