What to look out for before buying

What to look out for before buying

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Cathy Nolan

This is by means means an exhauting list, but these exhasting tasks should be carried out before putting in an offer to purchase a property:

  • Always think ahead - a double storey home, for example, may not be as practical once the kids have grown up and moved out.

  • Think of possible opportunities for alterations and additions.

  • With regards to homes built near rivers or streams, investigate the flood line restrictions that are imposed by the local municipality.

  • Water damage and rising damp, caused by ineffective waterproofing methods, can become an expensive problem to rectify.

  • Flaking and bubbling paint means damp ceilings or walls.

  • Inspect the roof for structural failure, which is indicated by sagging or deformation along the roof lines.

  • Structural cracks, which can be visible on either side of a wall could be a sign of a failure in a property’s foundation, or even massive structural damage.

  • Excessive use of plastering and patching materials on the interior of a home’s walls could be indicative of severe structure problems.

  • Take special note of diagonal cracks running up towards the corners of door- and window-frames.

  • Once the construction of a home is completed, such structural issues can be extremely difficult and expensive to repair.

  • Consult the local municipality as to whether or not all structures on a property are approved, and that the buildings fall within building lines.

  • Consider the current zoning of a property as this will affect any future building plans.

  • Existing pipelines, servitudes and cables should be represented on all approved plans.


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