World First – Private Property Publishes Property Content on MXit

World First – Private Property Publishes Property Content on MXit

Private Property South Africa
Jane Wessels

It was announced this week that South African property portal,, has become the first property portal globally to publish its property content on MXit. All property listed on Private Property’s website is now available on MXit. Users can browse properties, or search for property for sale or to let in their area, from the convenience of their cell phones. According to Oliver Manickum, Mobile Product Manager at Private Property, the deal has added enormous value to those listing property on their website. “Whether you’re an agent, private seller or landlord, the knowledge that your listing is now available to MXit’s massive audience has to improve its chances of being successfully sold or let.” Locally, MXit has a database of at least 2.8 million users, and the worldwide total reaches almost 20 million. Previously perceived as a “tween” brand, the demographic has changed over time and 77% of current MXit users are over the age of 18, and are therefore more likely to be in the market for property. Riccardo Pasqualotto, Account Manager at MXit, says that the deal is a great step forward and shows Private Property’s understanding of their customers and the new mobile medium they are now part of. “Private Property’s users are not always behind a computer, and giving them access to browse property on the run or in the field on MXit is a great new arm for the brand. The integration of the busiest property website in the country, and SA’s biggest social network is going to be an interesting and long term progression into this exciting new space for South Africans.” Private Property’s mobile portal is growing from strength to strength, and generated more than 127 000 unique visitors in July this year alone. Manickum says, “We are exceptionally pleased with the progress we’ve been making with our own mobi-site, as it gives us access to new level of consumer while enhancing our service to existing consumers. The deal with MXit augments this, and also gives us the opportunity to generate many more customers into the future.” You can find Private Property on MXit by going to TradePost> Shopping > Property


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